The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Geert Wilders at Free Tommy Robinson Rally of June 9 2018 part 2 of 2

If you not already read  part 1 please read that first :

Geert Wilders at Free Tommy Robinson Rally of June 9 2018 part 1 of 2

This is a short discussion I had as reaction to this video:

This video has been removed by Youtube because they have the opinion that Tommy Robinson is some ultra right white supremacist and his content where he exposes Muslim rape gangs and the way the existence is swept under the rug by the current mainstream media and police.
These media and police have decided should not be read by the people.
The same thing happens on the Media, Like the once trustworthy BBC which is now in the lead where it comes in giving false information about cases that are considered not to be politically correct or can possibly offend people.
They all try to character assassinate and remove Tommy Robinson from public existence.
This is what political correct media  do when someone tells the truth.

This does not change my opinion about Geert Wilders, who I consider to be a populist windbag, but I will never accept that even he would be silenced like what is currently happening to Tommy Robinson.

ahh Suzanna , I will probably get tons of shit over me for this one..
Geert Wilders is a populist asshole.  He says things people want to hear, he never comes with facts,and this time it was no different..
Don't get me wrong to my opinion Islam en its fanatic followers ARE the world's biggest problem and need to be dealt with.
The Netherlands have a huge problem with Moroccan youth gangs that control some of the suburbs in most of the big cities..
In Zaandam (next to Amsterdam) it is not safe outside in the evening, they control the drugs, and YES they control the prostitution by white girls, although the government denies it, there are also grooming gangs in my country, they call them lover boys. There was a school program to warn girls of this and it helped, it helped get the "loverboys" get smarter in hiding their activities..You will never hear Wilders  talk about specifics like Tommy Robinson does Wilders never talks about why Islam is a problem. His only buzzwords are islamisation open borders and immigrants  that's all
Tommy Shows WHAT is happening and WHY it is a problem, lets face it the only possibility we have to WIN this without chance of a civil war between native Brits and imported Arabs scenario, is to make the good willing Muslims (yes the majority are like that) AWARE that there are mafia like  Muslim gangs ruining their chance for a peaceful society.
And what  Wilders does, is insulting Muslims insulting Islam in all the ways he can think off.

Look at it this way, suppose Wilders was English and all he did was insulting the Scottish, what do you think would happen?

Wilders is a piece of populist political shit and cannot even stand in the shade of Tommy Robinson..
The real Islamophobes (meaning being scared shitless of Islam) are in the governments, they are the ones suppressing the negative news about Islam.. because they are so afraid of this civil war like scenario that the rather have Islam taking over bit by bit and take crap like Sharia and honour killing for granted...

This is how I think about it

   Roy BM

DutchHeretic The problem is Muslim people don't step up against there own radicalising people and take distance from them and just allowing it. Have you seen muslim protest march against the radicalising? Not protesting or taking distance is telling the world that you agree with it. And what about refugees, have you seen the Arabic world taking refugees in there countries or helping them in there own country, i don't think so. If the Muslim people in the EU or other western countries want to be treated normally, the have to act like our standards and rules found in the constitution. So they have to sweep there Mosques and seperate the normal moslim from the radicalising. Learn and speak the foreign language. So Wilders can make a lot of ideas but the moslim people have to act themself! You can't change this behaviour by rules. The only thing you can do is to have very thorough control on Islamic schools and Mosques what is being learned and preached in there isolated lives. But that is very expensive and not able to perform.


Hello Roy , first of all thank you for giving a sane comment.
You are absolutely right, there are no Muslim rallies against radicalizing of their religion, and there is a reason: It is dangerous to these Muslims to speak out perhaps even more dangerous than it is for you and me. I bet if it was safe for them to do, without possible violent repercussions of the extremists, they would protest.

Most of the people commenting here are in their 20's maybe 30's and were not there when this started.

I am in my 60's and I WAS there, and frankly many of the first wave of Muslims here in the Netherlands have become very progressive, I saw hardly any hijabs, and a burkha? what was that??
I worked with many Muslim colleagues and there was never any problem.
The change started when all these mosques were built with foreign money. There the radicalizing of , not even the second, but the third  generation of Muslim immigrant, the grand children of the first wave started.
The tsunami of so called refugees, if you see the first reports when that started, it was more than an invasion made that even worse.
Now the fundamentalists have taken over from that first generation that quite came to enjoy our freedom and sense of community.. Then I started to hear stories coming from these same old colleagues that they are frightened about that their children and grand children are becoming.
They told ME  because we worked together for 25+ years we know each other very well and they knew I was the only talk with about these subjects without the risk being betrayed for it

The problem with Wilders is, he has NO ideas at all, his insulting Muslims indiscriminately will ruin the support there is from the older generation who became more a les liberal Muslims in the forst years from the 70's..
If you read his party manifest, it is only one page, if he would become the prime minister it would be a disaster, he has no governing program at all..
We had this guy Pim Fortuyn who knew about fundamentals of the growing problems.but was murdered by a weirdo ... not really politically driven but still...
However perhaps because of this, his party won the elections only to completely disintegrate within a year for the same reason, they had no governing experience and the political program died with their leader.
if he wouldn't have been killed it would probably have different.
Wilders is NO Pim Fortuyn , just listen to his speech, it is totally empty  then listen to a speech of Tommy Robinson his speeches are eye opening, not anti Islam, but against organized Muslim crime..

There is a better way to battle Islamic criminals than to put them in prison Here in the Netherlands they all have dual passports, so start a 3rd strike and you're out policy, not like in the USA put them in prison for life but take them out of the equation  by revoking their Dutch citizenship and sent them to the country of their other passport..
And and frankly pardon my french I don't give a flying fuck if they are born here or not
Therefore there needs to come  treaty with that country of origin to pay for the incarceration these criminals there.. To  my opinion, it will be a lot cheaper than keeping them here and still a small price to pay for being rid of them..

But as long as governments are too scared of "the wrath of Islamic extremism" or being called racist by an obviously deluded politically correct minority, this will never happen..

I am looking forward to your reply

   Roy BM

DutchHeretic I agree with you, he could be doing more then the standard riddle he is speaking. Just starting with small changes in laws that are can get support from the parliament. Just control the hate speeching imams in the Mosques and on the Islamic school s and if there are multiple offenses just sent them out of the country if possible and when not to jail. But we have to be careful they don't get much contact in here because they will convert other prisoners also.
The 3rd wave is very problematic just like Marocan/Turkish people. The crime rate is very high and often people radicalise from this group. But i don't have to tell you because you know all about it. Hopefully Pvv can make some law change ideas possible with working together with FVD and other parties. That would be a first great step.


Frankly what we need is COMMON SENSE and this has been destroyed by all this idiotic political correctness and feminist social justice bullshit.. which are  idiots in their own extremist league, with total nonsensical ideas beyond the spectrum of the political left .
But still  the left, as a whole, is blamed for all this bullshit it is to prevent any possible unity between sanity in the the political left as well as the political right where it comes to this Islamic problem.
And also - god forbid - suppose anyone  should even listen to a Social Democrat like me.

My Center Left has nothing to do with the plagues like Antifa, Feminism and Social Justice snowflakes.
I am ashamed how cowardly the politicians in my center left have become because of this incredibly loud minority group of extremists in our OWN people.
Yes I am a lefty, but do you hear me defending Islam and these idiot  snowflakes ?
And I am not the only one..  to hell wit these social justice feminist Islam loving idiots, I am retired they cannot get me fired from my job.
We need to unite in COMMON SENSE if we will ever get back to a sane society free of religious extremism..

The most sane voice, Tommy Robinson, has ben thrown in prison by the British government. And In the Netherlands we have an idiot like Wilders ..
Perhaps to  show that it can be dangerous to have sanity in this world ?

I think I need to stop now before I really get angry.

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