The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Roman Catholic Church, Lots of Blood and a little Democracy..

Democracy created the Roman Catholic church.
Democracy created the bible, who would ever thought of that..

There is a bit of parody in this and it would even be funny if it didn't take so many human lives in the process since the birth of Christianity..

I always loved to read comics about super heroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the flash and all the others. Fortunately when I was young a buddy of mine had all of them so for a Dutch guy I know just as much of the Marvel and DC super heroes as the average American does.
Being the superhero fan as I am , a short while ago I went to watch Batman v Superman on the big screen, it was a private showing  in my country with only invited guests. In that case it is not bad to be friends with the stage master/camera operator of the movie theater.
As always I was impressed by the experience, the overwhelming huge screen, the massive surround experience and that usually that results in nightly after effects. This movie was no exception, I had a few vivid dreams about it and in one of them I was a clueless cop meeting Batman, the Christian Bale version, who needed my help to spread the word around that justice had come to Gotham and everyone needed to know about it. I had this "HUH?  they already know you all over the world" moment but I just went with the flow..  I am an active dreamer and most of the times I remember them in detail.
Original Moses Comic 376 BC
Now go back in time like 1700 years in history, there were also superheroes in that time, and for who could read their stories were written down in chronicles describing every detail. The figures of that time were people like Moses, who had his mighty staff that could part the waters of a sea, Noah with his mighty ark who saved humanity from extinction, David who used his sling shot to throw the stone that defeated the first super villain Goliath..
It sounds farfetched, but that was how these stories started, as individual chronicles and that was the way they were read or were told.

Roman emperor Constantine the great also had read the stories of the great heroes of the past and also the stories about Jesus doing his miracles
This probably gave him similar experiences as I had after seeing Batman/Superman. He  had a vivid dream about him being visited by Jesus telling him that justice had come to Rome and needing Constantine to help getting him known all over the empire.
Of course lucid dreams dreams were many times seen as divine revelations. In his mind Constantine had experiences one of these visions that possibly could restore the crumbling roman empire back to glory.
In modern words he delegated a committee to mold this in to a form that should become the standard of the new empire of the christian cross. Let's face it, this  was way too much work for a single man, even if he was the Emperor of the known world.
As it was meant to be to be something
including everything and everyone, it was done under the especially chosen late Latin word Catholicus that came from the Greek "Kathilikos" meaning Universal. Because it would apply to the empire of Rome it became the Roman Catholic Doctrine which needed a handbook woth collected Chronicles testifying of the great might of Jesus.
The committee named the Council of Nicaea was mainly bitching about what would and what would not be included in this handbook so they finally decide to use democracy to decide what would be included. Not the people would decide, it was not yet that time..  It was very simple one presented a book and there was a vote by show of hands about what would be included in the holy handbook that would become the Bible
The real Catholic symbol
But only Jesus was not enough, like all ancient gods there also was family like structure like a mother and child and a father god in charge, So mother Mary also stepped in the chain of worship, weather this was to make the religion more understandable to the peasants I don't know, but confusing it is, the father son and holy spirit all in one or one in all? where's Mary ?

The christening of the people could begin, and the procedure was simple, accept the Roman Catholic dogma or be killed. and from that moment on the path would be paved with blood.
Eventually the Roman Empire fell, or did it ? Maybe as a "state"  it fell, but not as a (known) world dominating religious power, the new emperor was now called the pope and every new pope was to be  more a less elected by a committee by a show of hands a procedure that is still custom today

The fall of the Roman empire did not slow down the bloody trail of Christianity,  it kept expanding it's religious empire with no considerations about human lives. The roman Empire still exists, it is now called The Roman Catholic Church and it still has its lines of influence in most christian counties and it still is responsible for huge loss of human life, not like before, but by controlling it's followers Using the same method that has been proven for 16 centuries, controlling the sexual life of it's followers. This has turned out to be so effective planting this in people's minds that also the split off  heretic protestant churches still use the indoctrination method of sexual oppression to ensure the obedience of their subjects..  You read it right, its subjects, every religion is an empire by itself, there is always a person in charge like an emperor over the people..  Now a days the indoctrination process has been so perfected, their subjects can be lead in to war, in to hating other religions, people with other skin pigmentation, or just people who refuse to accept their religious ideas..

What do I hear ? The Roman Catholic Church is not bloody anymore you say ?

Perhaps that  true in the literary sense, but let me remind you,  there STILL is an AIDS epidemic in the world, mostly in Africa
The Roman Catholic Church is mainly to blame as they are still banning the use of condoms because making more babies for the church is part of their dogma which cannot be deviated from and is more important than human life .  Because of that dogma the Roman Catholic Church is still spreading the insane lies that condoms cannot prevent the spreading of aids..
All the blood of lives lost to aids in Africa is on the hands of the Roman Catholic Church

If Constantine the great had choked to death in that particular dream?
The world would probably be a bit different without a Roman Catholic Church manipulating history for over 16 centuries

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