The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stop being Islamophobic ? Give me a break..

Often I am disturbed that atheists, progressives, and even feminists always go in the defensive when the subject comes to the Islam.  I am really surprised of the feminists defending a religion that is so condescending about women as Islam. This is such a a woman hating religion that their fundamentalists not even allow a woman to experience pleasure in having sex, and they do this by simply cut away the clitoris of female children.......  Yes cut away the clitoris of female children.
In these circles women are not allowed to do anything without a male present, they are seen as property, and even live stock has more freedom to move than women. If a woman in the Muslim world gets raped SHE will most of the times end up in prison, NOT the rapists.
And feminists talk about patriarchy and rape culture? The Islam is patriarchy and rape culture on steroids. 
contradiction in terminis?
Sure there are gradations in fanaticism in the Islam, but even the most modest Muslims are way behind compared to the most fanatic fundamental Christians who are by themselves far behind in the modern world.
But defending a backward religion by calling its critics Islamophobic? as this is equal to Islam hater?
NO it isn't the same, I AM AN ISLAMOPHOBE, do you know why ? It means being scared of Islam, Because Islam is scary as hell. I really hope that this picture on the left is meant sarcastically because if it isn't, it portrays Islam rather well..

But Christians have the same problem as Islam, they think THEY are better , because they have the Bible and the true faith.. obviously Christians have their head buried deeper in their holy bible than in factual history books.

The christian history of the past 1800 years isn't exactly a shiny example of peace and harmony. After Constantine the Great got his delusion that Christ visited him and told him to follow the symbol of the cross, the christian dogma started spreading the faith by violence. People who didn't want to convert were beheaded, their heads stuck on poles hey where have I heard that before? or executed by mass hangings to scare the people in to obedience to Christianity..  there was no choice..  This form of Christianity became known as the Catholic Church, coming from the Greek language: katholikos meaning 'the whole' , sounds pretty totalitarian to me. 
To current standards the Catholic church would have been a terrorist organization plain and simple, their 'spreading the gospel' consisted in violent intimidation and putting brutal terror upon the people to teach them who's Boss.
The Catholic Church was also very good in disguising their terrorism as holy tasks, for example: to purify the souls of the heathens by fire burning these troubling buggers alive so God could show his infinite mercy upon them..

By the 16th century the Catholic church had it's strangle hold on most of Europe and maintained it's power by sheer terror..  

My small country, the current Netherlands, especially suffered under this tyranny in a very bloody way because the people were very self conscious and outspoken about justice and this was not what the catholic church was about.
That was he time of the Spanish inquisition, torture and  draconian punishment for heretics as the Dutch people were called..

That was the time  the Netherlands just were another Spanish property that needed to be straightened out.
That was the time of terror when the Netherlands was the only region that dared to challenged the might of the Catholic Church and the Spanish King..
That was the time of a terrible loss of lives all in the name of the church of the Christ.. 

The original Dutch declaration
of independence

Finaly the Dutch had more than enough of this bullshit (they probably used a different terminology that time) and on July 26 1581 they declared their independence from Spain. This is history very simplified because it took lots more to get rid of the power of Spain. Even during that time the Netherlands became a safe haven for religious refugees, the first country with freedom of religion, even though it was not yet in the constitution. which was another novelty the new dutch government was studying...

However,  if the Roman Catholic Church was a terrorist organization in the purest definition of the word, the "heretics" became something even worse, like the Puritans, the first christian extremists, they eventually fled the Netherlands to the new Americas. and this is a horror story by itself.

OK let me return to the Catholic Church. Its reign of terror lasted for another hundred more years and finally they cut their losses and that was more a less the end of the dark ages in Europe and the start of the renaissance  the time of enlightenment  .
Now the Spaniards and the Portuguese found new territory to spread  the message of Christianity (dark ages) and the whole thing started all over in south America. All the current riches of the Vatican were robbed from the native South Americans. The Catholic church was again doing what they did the best, terrorizing people to convert them to their Christianity.. 

Nowadays, we have a so called progressive Pope.. Well OK, sofar I give him the benefit of the doubt.
The Pope before him, Benedict XI J
oseph Ratzinger, stepped down because of the child rape scandal in which he played an active part.. 
Come on, did you really think it was something else ??
Everyone with a little bit of sense knows that if this would become public it would make the catholic church collapse like a house of cards, but we also know that the Catholic church is very good in keeping secrets, so now there is one more added to the list.

But is there change? Nah forget it, they are still lying to the African people that condoms are bad and Child rape is still kept secret, beside maybe an incidental case where some of the "priests" are convicted for child abuse..

The Catholic Church was a scary organization, and now we have a new scary threat of the same magnitude
This time the modern bringers of true faith, are the followers of Islam.
This time the modern bringers of true faith  have modern weapons and access to scary technology..

YES I am an ISLAMOPHOBE because I see the danger of fanatic religion and it scares the living shit out of me! It should do the same to everyone whith his/her yes feminists I mean you head screwed on in the correct way.
But hey,  we have to respect the Muslims, pamper them, maybe they will mellow down..


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