The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Feminists and Islamists, the most Disruptive Forces in the World..

I love the Youtube channel by Sye TenAtheist, He produces animated cartoon videos with mostly starring caricature versions of youtubers or persons in the news.  He does this with great craftsmanship and they are just pretty damn funny. Of course he steps on the tender toes of the easily offended toes of the religious and also feminists..
However, he is not the subject.
First it is all about bat shit crazy feminists raging at a Sye TenAtheist video featuring caricatures of the red haired -shut-the-fuck-up-asshole- feminist that got the name "big Red" and the Islamist of Dawa Channel on Youtube .
(I am pretty sure it is him, but I can be wrong)
In that particular video they sing a song:

          "I am an Islamist and I am feminist and we have so much in common"
The Youtube video
Feminists started a shit storm against very respected Evolutionary scientist Professor Richard Dawkins after he re-tweeted the link to this video, adding he thought it was very funny.
The insanity came to a level that feminists managed to get Dawkins' invitation to speak on The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) withdrawn. Chief executive Sam Harris even extended this to all conferences in 2016.
Richard Dawkins suffered a stroke soon after this, it is unsure if this was triggered by the stress caused by this incident.

Offensive shirt ?
It is not the first time that feminists ruined the life of a scientist, remember shirt-storm ?

British physics Professor Matt Tayloronly the man who landed a Rosetta spacecraft probe on a comet, was attacked  over the shirt he wore during the live coverage of this historical event.

A shirt showing depictions of armed sexy cartoon women was enough justification for rabid feminists to reduce this brilliant scientist to a crying broken man, apologizing on TV for "offending so many people".

This moment, the truly historical event of the first landing on a comet in human history, a moment that should be the best part of the life of a brilliant Scientist, was ruined by a tiny group of disruptive insane feminists.
This is the tactic of these fanatics to get it their way.

Now let me go back to subject. 

Feminists and Islamists, the most Disruptive Forces in the World..

Feminists, use character assassination to destroy their critics, they try to get critics fired and to destroy the critic's life.
This is very successful in scaring anyone who dares to criticize them

Islamists, just (want to) end the life of their critics.
This is also very successful in scaring anyone who dares to criticize them.

I am not sure what is worse, being driven to suicide by extremist feminists or being killed by extremist Islamists.. 

Both Feminists and Islamist set the table their way by creating fear and polarizing their "enemies". Result: this leaves a mess that will prevent people from EVER uniting as one..  Have you aver thought of that ? 

Politically correct atheists  like Sam Harris  and these whole Atheism Plus lunatics have this thing in common: THEY ARE SCARED OF BOTH GROUPS.
If you ask me , they have good reason to be scare considering the events of the past years, no one wants his/her life ruined by crazy people..

All this brings me to the end statement :
Fear is  the real reason for sucking up to Feminists and Islamists!
And male feminists , give me a break, they are just scared their crazy feminist wives or girlfriends will kick them out of bed  ...

What Feminists , Feminists Islamists Politically correct Atheists and Social Justice Warriors have in common: THEY ARE ALL FUCKING NUTS


Atheism has become a total JOKE, so from now on I am just an Atheist, a "none" and the whole "ISM" crap can kiss my ass

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