The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Feminists and Islamists, the most Disruptive Forces in the World..

I love the Youtube channel by Sye TenAtheist, He produces animated cartoon videos with mostly starring caricature versions of youtubers or persons in the news.  He does this with great craftsmanship and they are just pretty damn funny. Of course he steps on the tender toes of the easily offended toes of the religious and also feminists..
However, he is not the subject.
First it is all about bat shit crazy feminists raging at a Sye TenAtheist video featuring caricatures of the red haired -shut-the-fuck-up-asshole- feminist that got the name "big Red" and the Islamist of Dawa Channel on Youtube .
(I am pretty sure it is him, but I can be wrong)
In that particular video they sing a song:

          "I am an Islamist and I am feminist and we have so much in common"
The Youtube video
Feminists started a shit storm against very respected Evolutionary scientist Professor Richard Dawkins after he re-tweeted the link to this video, adding he thought it was very funny.
The insanity came to a level that feminists managed to get Dawkins' invitation to speak on The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) withdrawn. Chief executive Sam Harris even extended this to all conferences in 2016.
Richard Dawkins suffered a stroke soon after this, it is unsure if this was triggered by the stress caused by this incident.

Offensive shirt ?
It is not the first time that feminists ruined the life of a scientist, remember shirt-storm ?

British physics Professor Matt Tayloronly the man who landed a Rosetta spacecraft probe on a comet, was attacked  over the shirt he wore during the live coverage of this historical event.

A shirt showing depictions of armed sexy cartoon women was enough justification for rabid feminists to reduce this brilliant scientist to a crying broken man, apologizing on TV for "offending so many people".

This moment, the truly historical event of the first landing on a comet in human history, a moment that should be the best part of the life of a brilliant Scientist, was ruined by a tiny group of disruptive insane feminists.
This is the tactic of these fanatics to get it their way.

Now let me go back to subject. 

Feminists and Islamists, the most Disruptive Forces in the World..

Feminists, use character assassination to destroy their critics, they try to get critics fired and to destroy the critic's life.
This is very successful in scaring anyone who dares to criticize them

Islamists, just (want to) end the life of their critics.
This is also very successful in scaring anyone who dares to criticize them.

I am not sure what is worse, being driven to suicide by extremist feminists or being killed by extremist Islamists.. 

Both Feminists and Islamist set the table their way by creating fear and polarizing their "enemies". Result: this leaves a mess that will prevent people from EVER uniting as one..  Have you aver thought of that ? 

Politically correct atheists  like Sam Harris  and these whole Atheism Plus lunatics have this thing in common: THEY ARE SCARED OF BOTH GROUPS.
If you ask me , they have good reason to be scare considering the events of the past years, no one wants his/her life ruined by crazy people..

All this brings me to the end statement :
Fear is  the real reason for sucking up to Feminists and Islamists!
And male feminists , give me a break, they are just scared their crazy feminist wives or girlfriends will kick them out of bed  ...

What Feminists , Feminists Islamists Politically correct Atheists and Social Justice Warriors have in common: THEY ARE ALL FUCKING NUTS


Atheism has become a total JOKE, so from now on I am just an Atheist, a "none" and the whole "ISM" crap can kiss my ass

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hundreds of Child abuse by Catholic Priest cases Handled behind closed doors the Netherlands

This is really disturbing for me as a Dutch citizen.
For the people who have been living under a rock the past 25 years let me explain what is happening:
The Roman Catholic Church is involved in an immense scandal concerning sexual child abuse perpetrated by their priests. First it came in the news as incidents, but thanks to the internet many thousands more people came forward as being abused by priests in their childhood.
This scandal could very well be the reason that Pope Benedict XVI  -Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger- resigned on 28 February 2013. Usually the position of Pope is from installment until the end of his life. Of the 264 popes before him only five times there was a resignation.
Picture ANP
In a small country as the Belgium today the official number of reported cases of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests currently is 1064. In the Netherlands where the Catholic church is less dominant, the independent Deetman Committee  was installed to investigate the number of coverups by the catholic Curch.
Deetman was granted access to church files that initially were reported as destroyed. Files that containing data about tens of thousands of children that were entrusted to priests. The committee also collected private statements about sexual child abuse from well over 2000 people. Sofar 1045 of these reported cases have been handled.
Here is where the fishy stuff starts

At least one third of these cases were handled in secret, behind closed doors and this is remarkable because the committee had promised full disclosure.

The dutch news paper NRC has obtained internal documents that confirm cases that were settled outside the official procedure, and this was explicitly against the recommendations of the Deetman Committee.
Full Disclosure would be the foundation of the investigation and for that reason a foundation of
management and monitoring was born that would oversee the procedures of complaints and compensation.
Until January this year about 700 of these cases were handled by this foundation and in total 21.3 million Euro in damages were awarded. According to NRC, in the 34% of cases that were handled in secret, another 10 million Euro were awarded. This was real Cloak and Dagger stuff.  To receive compensation the victims had to sign a non disclosure contract and on top of that, the victims are no longer allowed to talk about the sexual abuse and its perpetrators..

Does this qualify ad a coverup or not ?
So the names of these Pedophiles among the Roman Catholic priests will remain a secret and the perpetrators will stay under their protection, the chance that the overall majority of these sexual predators will ever see one single day in prison is extremely slim..

Who needs conspiracy theories about Illuminati , the Bilderberg group?  we have one hell of a secret organization residing in Rome  called the Catholic Curch.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stop being Islamophobic ? Give me a break..

Often I am disturbed that atheists, progressives, and even feminists always go in the defensive when the subject comes to the Islam.  I am really surprised of the feminists defending a religion that is so condescending about women as Islam. This is such a a woman hating religion that their fundamentalists not even allow a woman to experience pleasure in having sex, and they do this by simply cut away the clitoris of female children.......  Yes cut away the clitoris of female children.
In these circles women are not allowed to do anything without a male present, they are seen as property, and even live stock has more freedom to move than women. If a woman in the Muslim world gets raped SHE will most of the times end up in prison, NOT the rapists.
And feminists talk about patriarchy and rape culture? The Islam is patriarchy and rape culture on steroids. 
contradiction in terminis?
Sure there are gradations in fanaticism in the Islam, but even the most modest Muslims are way behind compared to the most fanatic fundamental Christians who are by themselves far behind in the modern world.
But defending a backward religion by calling its critics Islamophobic? as this is equal to Islam hater?
NO it isn't the same, I AM AN ISLAMOPHOBE, do you know why ? It means being scared of Islam, Because Islam is scary as hell. I really hope that this picture on the left is meant sarcastically because if it isn't, it portrays Islam rather well..

But Christians have the same problem as Islam, they think THEY are better , because they have the Bible and the true faith.. obviously Christians have their head buried deeper in their holy bible than in factual history books.

The christian history of the past 1800 years isn't exactly a shiny example of peace and harmony. After Constantine the Great got his delusion that Christ visited him and told him to follow the symbol of the cross, the christian dogma started spreading the faith by violence. People who didn't want to convert were beheaded, their heads stuck on poles hey where have I heard that before? or executed by mass hangings to scare the people in to obedience to Christianity..  there was no choice..  This form of Christianity became known as the Catholic Church, coming from the Greek language: katholikos meaning 'the whole' , sounds pretty totalitarian to me. 
To current standards the Catholic church would have been a terrorist organization plain and simple, their 'spreading the gospel' consisted in violent intimidation and putting brutal terror upon the people to teach them who's Boss.
The Catholic Church was also very good in disguising their terrorism as holy tasks, for example: to purify the souls of the heathens by fire burning these troubling buggers alive so God could show his infinite mercy upon them..

By the 16th century the Catholic church had it's strangle hold on most of Europe and maintained it's power by sheer terror..  

My small country, the current Netherlands, especially suffered under this tyranny in a very bloody way because the people were very self conscious and outspoken about justice and this was not what the catholic church was about.
That was he time of the Spanish inquisition, torture and  draconian punishment for heretics as the Dutch people were called..

That was the time  the Netherlands just were another Spanish property that needed to be straightened out.
That was the time of terror when the Netherlands was the only region that dared to challenged the might of the Catholic Church and the Spanish King..
That was the time of a terrible loss of lives all in the name of the church of the Christ.. 

The original Dutch declaration
of independence

Finaly the Dutch had more than enough of this bullshit (they probably used a different terminology that time) and on July 26 1581 they declared their independence from Spain. This is history very simplified because it took lots more to get rid of the power of Spain. Even during that time the Netherlands became a safe haven for religious refugees, the first country with freedom of religion, even though it was not yet in the constitution. which was another novelty the new dutch government was studying...

However,  if the Roman Catholic Church was a terrorist organization in the purest definition of the word, the "heretics" became something even worse, like the Puritans, the first christian extremists, they eventually fled the Netherlands to the new Americas. and this is a horror story by itself.

OK let me return to the Catholic Church. Its reign of terror lasted for another hundred more years and finally they cut their losses and that was more a less the end of the dark ages in Europe and the start of the renaissance  the time of enlightenment  .
Now the Spaniards and the Portuguese found new territory to spread  the message of Christianity (dark ages) and the whole thing started all over in south America. All the current riches of the Vatican were robbed from the native South Americans. The Catholic church was again doing what they did the best, terrorizing people to convert them to their Christianity.. 

Nowadays, we have a so called progressive Pope.. Well OK, sofar I give him the benefit of the doubt.
The Pope before him, Benedict XI J
oseph Ratzinger, stepped down because of the child rape scandal in which he played an active part.. 
Come on, did you really think it was something else ??
Everyone with a little bit of sense knows that if this would become public it would make the catholic church collapse like a house of cards, but we also know that the Catholic church is very good in keeping secrets, so now there is one more added to the list.

But is there change? Nah forget it, they are still lying to the African people that condoms are bad and Child rape is still kept secret, beside maybe an incidental case where some of the "priests" are convicted for child abuse..

The Catholic Church was a scary organization, and now we have a new scary threat of the same magnitude
This time the modern bringers of true faith, are the followers of Islam.
This time the modern bringers of true faith  have modern weapons and access to scary technology..

YES I am an ISLAMOPHOBE because I see the danger of fanatic religion and it scares the living shit out of me! It should do the same to everyone whith his/her yes feminists I mean you head screwed on in the correct way.
But hey,  we have to respect the Muslims, pamper them, maybe they will mellow down..


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Future prediction for 2016, a new terrorist event before november this year.

I don't have a crystal ball, no tarot cards, no tea leaves and I am not a psychic.. Still I have a dark prediction to make for the coming year.. Let me elaborate, In he presidential elections that made Barack Obama president of the USA where Obama had in John McCain the last political experienced competitor (am leaving Sarah Palin out of the equation), Since that time the American Republican Party has not produced one single SANE presidential candidate. With the elections of 2012 the insanity entered the ranks of republican nominees for the presidential elections mow with the coming elections in 2016, there is not a single one of the republican nominees who even deserves the benefit of the doubt..
Benito Trump
It is like the lunatics haven taken over the republican funny-farm. They are not only delusional and religiously insane and Donald Trump the best they can produce is a racist maniac who plays the public in a way that will make Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini spin with envy in their proverbial graves.. The only thing he knows to do is scapegoating with mainly Mexicans and Muslims as targets, like Hitler did with Bolsheviks and Jews. His fans can deny this happening until they they are blue in the face but the truth is, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP IS DOING. The insanity surrounds this excuse for a candidate and should he for some disturbed reason become President and with that Commander and Chief of the most powerful country I fear for the future of our world in the most serious way possible.. The ONLY possibility that this lunatic will become president is when the political environment experiences a radical change like a new war, a new 911 will take place..
Knowing the level of insane dishonesty in the Republican ranks I will make the following dark future prediction:

Between march 2016 and November  2016 there will be a new worldwide crossroad incident, like a big terrorist attack, a series of attacks on USA soil, or anywhere else where American citizens will be the target, and this will tip the scale into  the favor of Donald Trump and this will be the beginning of new wars or WORSE.

If this happens there will be no doubt whatsoever in my mind that this will be a by Republicans orchestrated lie of the caliber that the whole world will become to resent and regret..

Oh my, I so much hope I will be wrong SO wrong..
I really don't want to say I TOLD YOU SO.... but if I am will, remember this blog of march 13 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016

Anita Sarkeasian, Idiotic Feminists and Their Retarded Arguments

blog You know I am Dutch right ?  Living in the Netherlands right?  thank goodness that this shit finished and retired here. This can ONLY happen in the USA and I am talking about. FEMINISM

I am so sick and tired of listening to American Feminists using the same lame and LONG debunked arguments. It is like listening to the same type of equally idiotic creationist apologetics  and it doesn't matter if you prove ALL their arguments wrong hundreds of times.they will just stick to it.. Even more, they call all criticism to be harassment.
Let me give you an example or maybe even THE example, the rest of this blog is directed at her:
Anita Sarkeesian
Anita Sarkeesian she is a Canadian-American feminist, self proclaimed media critic, blogger and public speaker.
She is the founder of Feminist Frequency, a website that hosts videos and commentary analyzing portrayals of women in popular culture. She has received particular attention for her video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which examines tropes in the depiction of female video game characters.
You can find the rest about her on WIKIPEDIA
What Anita Sarkeesian really is, she looks like the mold used on many, many more of these "Third Wave Feminists" as they like to call themselves.  One should think that they have some message to present, but if you consider their demands, which, in the previous century, have been granted in all modern western countries including the US in several laws law in the previous century, Feminists are obsolete. Feminism has already won in the modern western world!

Women already are equal to men BY LAW ANITA!!

I always considered myself as a social equalist meaning same rights to everyone, no matter what race, color, gender, sexual preference, race, religion..  and people have have this equality.. Women even have MORE rights in lots of cases but this does not bother me at all, because there are good reasons for that.

What bothers me about you Anita, you keep bringing up the same old chewed out stuff, and the "new" stuff ?  beside your criticism on video games there isn't any, it is just recycled crap from the last wave of feminism and let me give you some examples:

Argument #1 The wage gap, at average women earn like 25% less than men.
This is the argument as you use it Anita, sometime you even dare to put in: for the same kind of work, which simply is a lie and can be proven wrong in ONE sentence:  
"If women would earn less than men, companies would only hire women because women would be cheaper!"
Jesus Christ, the wage gap is a bullshit argument, the reason women earn at average 25% less than man is because less women chose to go for the high paying jobs, they aren't less intelligent, they aren't less qualified to study, they just make different choices..

Argument #2 The Patriarchy, the male dominated system that suppresses women.
Angela Merkel
Yes sure that exists, just look at Islamic countries where women have less to no rights at all compared to men, but you will hardly see western feminists speaking out against this..  nooo  they even defend Muslims as victims of discrimination..
Feminists yet have to bring evidence for a patriarchy in the modern western world.
There is nothing that would prevent a women to become head of state!
Angela Merkel. Head of state and the most powerful person in Germany and probably the most influential woman in western Europe.   
Margaret Thatcher. Remember her ? Prime minister of the UK for 11 years, she wasn't called the Iron Lady for no reason
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.  President of Argentine for 8 years and got almost the same well known nickname as a famous American President of the 60' of previous century CFK
Indira Gandhi. She was the prime minister of India TWICE between 1966 and 1984  So stop giving me that patriarchal crap that women are held back

Argument #3 We live in a rape culture 

This is ridiculous beyond reason, do you know what a rape culture is Anita?  maybe you should take a good look at backward, or even "modern" Islamic countries. If you get  raped there, the chance that the rapists will be punished is astronomically small unless you have three male witnesses, these witnesses are usually the others who take turns at you..  If you report this with the police, without Three male witnesses in your favor, the chance is very real that you will be the one who will be punished .. 
THAT is what I call a rape culture, but does your activism go against that ? of course not, at least I haven't seen you doing that yet.
Anita didn't you know that in our modern western world, rape is about the worst crime a man can commit, even worse than murder? Do you realize that the life expectancy of a rapist in the general population of prison is not very promising if even murderers are disgusted by rapists?
The whole society is disgusted by rape and rapists , and rapists ARE being punished in our part of the world Anita..

Argument #4 We have a society that hates women.

NO Anita, we live in a society where the majority of people hates bullshitters like third wave feminist activists. Misogyny ? that is such a joke, do you know why MEN hate Feminists?


You are just a bunch of whiny ass, bullshitting, attention whores who are incapable of making friends in a normal way so you blame it on anyone but yourself..

Do you know what I would do if I saw you or any other loudmouth feminist  drowning in a river ? ..  Do you ?

I am 61 years old but I would jump in without hesitation and try to save your life, even if it could cost me my own..
Do you know why Anita Sarkeesian? Because society, does not hate women, men do not hate women, this misogyny you are so full of, is a delusion..
Like most men in our modern world, I am a social being, and being such, your life matters to me , I don't hate you, but don't EVER expect me to agree with your bullshit lies.