The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When it looks like a clock THINK CLOCK !!

This is a blog about the poor level of education in the USA and STUPID Teachers with a total lack of technical insight.

September 16 2015, a Muslim kid called Ahmed Mohamed brought an electronic science project to school .
It was a clock cobbled together of loose electronic parts and a large digital display.
A teacher thought it was a time bomb and called the police and the kid was taken away in hand cuffs ..

To me this testifies to the stupidity of the American educational system and its bigotry towards other religions than their precious Judeo Christian delusion.
IF this teacher would have one ounce of  common sense he would have Known this:
#1 IF is was a time bomb, it would not have been shown to anyone, but just hidden from sight to detonate at the chosen time.
#2 Suicide bombs HAVE NO TIMER they have a manual switch, or sometimes even just a cord to pull
Does this look like a time bomb ??

Where are the explosives ?  maybe the bean bag that collects moisture ? And an AC POWER CORD ??

Ok later the kid's suspension from school was ended and he became quite a celebrity after the stupidity of the teachers was shown, but STILL there are people who think it was all justified..
Then on facebook, I made the argument, if the kid had looked like this, a blond blue eyed boy, it would NEVER had taken place..

Absolutely no response , beside from some educated liberals, only the same excuses and the same rampant American bigotry about everything they see as a threat marched on ..

Look , I have been in electronics all my life..
At a point I developed a system in environmental control of large buildings (intelligent air-co)
This became an automated device that super heats the circulated air between individual rooms and then cools it again to kill possible pathogens and thus preventing them traveling from office to office.
This system uses the heat generated by the florescent TL tubes in the ceiling to heat it, and the humidifier to cool it.
Most modern offices in the world now feature this system..

The prototype I built in my workshop had the size of a big suitcase and was powered by a large Laptop Battery and all components were mounted on a piece of plywood .
It had a digital display and a numerical keypad, a rotating mechanical program switch from a laundry machine, a few huge capacitors and a few meters of wire connecting it all..
NO ONE of who I showed it to EVER even made the remark "that looks like a time bomb" But in the US it probably would be mistaken as a nuclear bomb by the generally technical ignorance of the general people in the USA, it is way more important to be scared than open your eyes to reality..

I hear you say, if you invented this stuff, why aren't you rich ?
Easy, because I was working for an electronics company, THEY patented it because they said that I invented it while working for them..
That I made it in my OWN time, in my OWN workshop made no difference..
I didn't see a penny, but hey that is how capitalism works isn't it ?