The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Is the corporate takeover of the American Government already a fact ?

Someone brought this video to my attention :
The Federal Reserve is a terrorist organization

I always thought: 
  • The FED isn't federal at all, and that it is an organization created and owned by big (private) bankers, and railroaded in to existence on a Christmas eve 1913 (correct me if I am wrong about the year) when only a few congress men, bought and paid to be present, were there to vote ..
  •  In which perspective the purpose of the FED reserve was created to control and create money just by printing it, and who controls the money, controls the country
  • The FED is a tool to get government in so much debt that the moment would come that the even the interest payments on federal debt can no longer be met.
  • That moment  will be the time the FED would have served it's purpose and it , meaning the big bankers that own the FED can foreclose on the government effectively taking over that same government to reach a point of absolute corporate power..
  • When (not if) that happens the US would no longer be Federal, but be governed by Corporatism (the nice word for Fascism).
  •  One only needs to to ignore political bullshit and connect the dots to reach this conclusion.
This is all basic logic thinking..  (try it)

But now I cannot shake the terror feeling that this take over event is taking place RIGHT NOW.
Corporate Sates of America
Consider my theory behind what is happening:Because of a secret foreclosure of government loans, done by big banking through their tool, the Federal Reserve, President Obama has no choice but railroading the SECRET Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in to existence.
WHY is it a SECRET agreement?  Fortunately the Wikileaks organization already published the main content. According to this: The TPP gives almost absolute power to corporations to SUE foreign Governments for lost profits if they refuse permits to establish their trade in that country.

shut up and smoke

#1 Cigarette producer Philip Morris has already gone to court in Australia  and several south American countries ) and also in the UK  to get the "smoking is dangerous to your health" warnings removed from the cigarette packages and demands multi million dollars in damages over lost profits because of these warnings.. #2 Chemical Corporations can sue governments having environmental laws that are in their eyes limiting  possible future corporate profits and demand  multi million dollars in damage settlements. #3 Oil Corporations can sue governments to get  multi million dollar damage settlements for subsidizing a change to electric cars and favoring renewable alternative energy sources over Fossil fuel driven power plants.

The TPP :
  • Is WORSE than SOPA a few years back, that fortunately didn't make it.
  •  Probably will end the internet as we know it, because it outranks the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) so youtubers can no longer claim the fair use policy as described in the DMCA to use video fragments as proof in video exposures of corporate, governmental Lies and abuse. 
  • Will open the way to prosecute Copyright offenders who may face draconian copyright infringement lawsuits.
  • Will outlaw file sharing of any kind without written permission of the copyright holder, so no more sharing a picture of your favorite singer, movie star etc
This is no fantasy, this is what the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is about  

The TPP is not just a trading agreement, it is a TREATY.
This means:
  • Every country that has signed it HAS to oblige to the regulations in the treaty
  • If a country wants changes in the treaty EVERY country needs to vote in favor.
  • Countries that have signed, hand over their sovereignty to the American corporate world because they will NEVER vote in favor for changes that can damage their ptofits
Rigged trade, not Free trade

Already European Governments are being lobbied (BEING BRIBED) to join this treaty prohibiting them to release the SECRET content of  a treaty that will take experts WEEKS to study, to the houses of representatives until a few days before the voting .

This is what is happening in my country the Netherlands, and guess what, it is also being kept from the media..

Taking all these point in to the equation YES the Federal reserve is a terrorist organization ..

Here's one for the road (the link is below the picture):


To my opinion the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement means a world wide corporate coup d'etat to take away a lot of decision power of sovereign foreign governments and it scares the hell out me ..

I did not make anything up, everything can be confirmed with a few minutes of Google browsing