The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When it looks like a clock THINK CLOCK !!

This is a blog about the poor level of education in the USA and STUPID Teachers with a total lack of technical insight.

September 16 2015, a Muslim kid called Ahmed Mohamed brought an electronic science project to school .
It was a clock cobbled together of loose electronic parts and a large digital display.
A teacher thought it was a time bomb and called the police and the kid was taken away in hand cuffs ..

To me this testifies to the stupidity of the American educational system and its bigotry towards other religions than their precious Judeo Christian delusion.
IF this teacher would have one ounce of  common sense he would have Known this:
#1 IF is was a time bomb, it would not have been shown to anyone, but just hidden from sight to detonate at the chosen time.
#2 Suicide bombs HAVE NO TIMER they have a manual switch, or sometimes even just a cord to pull
Does this look like a time bomb ??

Where are the explosives ?  maybe the bean bag that collects moisture ? And an AC POWER CORD ??

Ok later the kid's suspension from school was ended and he became quite a celebrity after the stupidity of the teachers was shown, but STILL there are people who think it was all justified..
Then on facebook, I made the argument, if the kid had looked like this, a blond blue eyed boy, it would NEVER had taken place..

Absolutely no response , beside from some educated liberals, only the same excuses and the same rampant American bigotry about everything they see as a threat marched on ..

Look , I have been in electronics all my life..
At a point I developed a system in environmental control of large buildings (intelligent air-co)
This became an automated device that super heats the circulated air between individual rooms and then cools it again to kill possible pathogens and thus preventing them traveling from office to office.
This system uses the heat generated by the florescent TL tubes in the ceiling to heat it, and the humidifier to cool it.
Most modern offices in the world now feature this system..

The prototype I built in my workshop had the size of a big suitcase and was powered by a large Laptop Battery and all components were mounted on a piece of plywood .
It had a digital display and a numerical keypad, a rotating mechanical program switch from a laundry machine, a few huge capacitors and a few meters of wire connecting it all..
NO ONE of who I showed it to EVER even made the remark "that looks like a time bomb" But in the US it probably would be mistaken as a nuclear bomb by the generally technical ignorance of the general people in the USA, it is way more important to be scared than open your eyes to reality..

I hear you say, if you invented this stuff, why aren't you rich ?
Easy, because I was working for an electronics company, THEY patented it because they said that I invented it while working for them..
That I made it in my OWN time, in my OWN workshop made no difference..
I didn't see a penny, but hey that is how capitalism works isn't it ?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Is the corporate takeover of the American Government already a fact ?

Someone brought this video to my attention :
The Federal Reserve is a terrorist organization

I always thought: 
  • The FED isn't federal at all, and that it is an organization created and owned by big (private) bankers, and railroaded in to existence on a Christmas eve 1913 (correct me if I am wrong about the year) when only a few congress men, bought and paid to be present, were there to vote ..
  •  In which perspective the purpose of the FED reserve was created to control and create money just by printing it, and who controls the money, controls the country
  • The FED is a tool to get government in so much debt that the moment would come that the even the interest payments on federal debt can no longer be met.
  • That moment  will be the time the FED would have served it's purpose and it , meaning the big bankers that own the FED can foreclose on the government effectively taking over that same government to reach a point of absolute corporate power..
  • When (not if) that happens the US would no longer be Federal, but be governed by Corporatism (the nice word for Fascism).
  •  One only needs to to ignore political bullshit and connect the dots to reach this conclusion.
This is all basic logic thinking..  (try it)

But now I cannot shake the terror feeling that this take over event is taking place RIGHT NOW.
Corporate Sates of America
Consider my theory behind what is happening:Because of a secret foreclosure of government loans, done by big banking through their tool, the Federal Reserve, President Obama has no choice but railroading the SECRET Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) in to existence.
WHY is it a SECRET agreement?  Fortunately the Wikileaks organization already published the main content. According to this: The TPP gives almost absolute power to corporations to SUE foreign Governments for lost profits if they refuse permits to establish their trade in that country.

shut up and smoke

#1 Cigarette producer Philip Morris has already gone to court in Australia  and several south American countries ) and also in the UK  to get the "smoking is dangerous to your health" warnings removed from the cigarette packages and demands multi million dollars in damages over lost profits because of these warnings.. #2 Chemical Corporations can sue governments having environmental laws that are in their eyes limiting  possible future corporate profits and demand  multi million dollars in damage settlements. #3 Oil Corporations can sue governments to get  multi million dollar damage settlements for subsidizing a change to electric cars and favoring renewable alternative energy sources over Fossil fuel driven power plants.

The TPP :
  • Is WORSE than SOPA a few years back, that fortunately didn't make it.
  •  Probably will end the internet as we know it, because it outranks the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) so youtubers can no longer claim the fair use policy as described in the DMCA to use video fragments as proof in video exposures of corporate, governmental Lies and abuse. 
  • Will open the way to prosecute Copyright offenders who may face draconian copyright infringement lawsuits.
  • Will outlaw file sharing of any kind without written permission of the copyright holder, so no more sharing a picture of your favorite singer, movie star etc
This is no fantasy, this is what the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is about  

The TPP is not just a trading agreement, it is a TREATY.
This means:
  • Every country that has signed it HAS to oblige to the regulations in the treaty
  • If a country wants changes in the treaty EVERY country needs to vote in favor.
  • Countries that have signed, hand over their sovereignty to the American corporate world because they will NEVER vote in favor for changes that can damage their ptofits
Rigged trade, not Free trade

Already European Governments are being lobbied (BEING BRIBED) to join this treaty prohibiting them to release the SECRET content of  a treaty that will take experts WEEKS to study, to the houses of representatives until a few days before the voting .

This is what is happening in my country the Netherlands, and guess what, it is also being kept from the media..

Taking all these point in to the equation YES the Federal reserve is a terrorist organization ..

Here's one for the road (the link is below the picture):


To my opinion the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement means a world wide corporate coup d'etat to take away a lot of decision power of sovereign foreign governments and it scares the hell out me ..

I did not make anything up, everything can be confirmed with a few minutes of Google browsing

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The gay who was inlove with me..

Have you ever seen this, the obviously gay kid at school being punched and bullied?
Well I was bullied for being fat, and when I grew up I became active against bullies, not in the activist way, but kicking their asses and intimidating them to stop their abuse..
But that is not what I wanted to say here

When I was in my early thirties, in a pub a young guy, maybe twenty-something joined me at the bar and I noticed right away he was nervous..
We talked a little and then out of the blue, he told me he was in love with me..
This surprised me, I would have expected anything but that.. I looked at him and yes I saw that glow that only shows when someone is in love, then his expression turned nervous again , ready to duck for a punch. 

But I have been raised to accept other people as they are and I wasn't ignorant about homosexuality. 
However, since I am not gay,  I looked him in the eyes and said: "Look, I am very flattered, but I don't have anything to offer you, I like girls..".
He relaxed, "Well I just had to try, even if it meant the risk of you punching me in the face"
I replied, "why would I do that ? you just told me a sweet thing, I just have to decline, I am not gay" 
We talked for a while, and then he left and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.. He was just a sweet gay kid..
Of course my friends there in the pub made fun of me that evening, but I just went with it because I knew  also for my friends, it wasn't a big deal just an opportunity to be silly..  I chose my friends carefully  

Gay wedding cake

I met him a few times after that and years later he surprised me once again, he asked me to be the best man at his wedding, -yes a gay wedding- , one of the first here in the Netherlands and I told him I would be honored and I accepted..
Even though my open minded upbringing it felt awkward but that wore off, it was a nice wedding, a nice wedding party, and again a guy wanted to get close to me..  and again I answered him that I like women..  But it was not a big deal we had fun I sang a few songs with the band and that was it.
It was an enriching experience and thanks to that I have a number of gay friends who accept me as being straight, as I accept them as being gay.

Shit we are all humans, we all have different feelings , but that does not make one less than the other..
And Bullies ?  I think that they are so ashamed of themselves that they need to hide that by taking it out on others, preferably easy victims who are afraid to fight back..
Bullies are just plain disgusting, however some of them come to realize what kinds of assholes they have been, and my bullies actually apologized to me, many years later.. That also took much courage and I accepted their apologizes after all, people can change to the better.. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where will we REALLY go after we die ?

Every one knows the religious answer of  going to heaven ..
I am not going in to this because I dismiss it as a bedtime story to ease ,or if you are afraid to end up in the other place, increase the fear of dying in people..
That's religion for you..

I believe, no I KNOW that death will be like a dreamless sleep of eternal unawareness which has no return, no suffering, no joy I will just no longer be there..
Like one of my most favorite quotes in life:

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
Mark twain

My story maybe not much of a reassurance, but I prefer reality, and this has more beauty and  wonder than religion can ever promise.
We are all made of molecules and elements forged in ancient stars that explosively died long ago and spread their mater all over the universe.. most of the atoms in our bodies may have their origin millions of light years apart from each other.
We all will be going where we and every other life form that ever lived on earth is going. back to the  unaware molecular state of separate molecules and elements that we were made of..
But it is the travel there is a story worth telling and starts the moment you die.
Suppose they bury you under a tree, that will be the departure of your journey.
For example like this one It's in Littleton, just outside of Denver, at Littleton Cemetery, The grave is under a tree right by one of the gates..It is very real.

At first part of your chemical make up will end up in that tree and every living form around it like plants insects microbes that will carry your molecules further on
In a sense part of you will live on in that  tree until it dies and it will be well possible that few of your atoms and molecules will travel on in new humans and other life forms on earth for billions of years until our sun eventually will die , most likely after violently expanding and  swallowing up most of the planets ..


Perhaps it will become nova en destroying the whole solar system and sending all matter back to the universe and from where it came to make new stars and new life in another place in the galaxy..

Personally I find this an epic adventure, far better than spending eternity worshiping some jealous attention craving ancient war god, Yahweh Sabaoth.. (Yahweh, lord of armies)
The only thing I kinda regret is that I will not aware of all this happening, because I will have been returned to the state of non existence, as I was billions of years before I was born...

Saturday, January 10, 2015


How peaceful is the religion of islam
How peaceful do they slaughter the people drawing a joke abot islam

well this video shows a lot