The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I am a friggin MULTI TRILLlONAIR . how about that?

When I was cleaning up all out dated junk I stumbled over the box with Family memorabilia that goes back to  my grand father born in the late 19th century.
5 trillion ReichsMark
In that box I found a wrapped bundle of post WW2 German 5 billion ReichsMark banknotes in mint condition to understand the numbers you have to know that the European names of the quantities are different in the USA.
A Million is the same in Europe
A Billion is A Milliard in Europe
A Trillion is in Europe a Billion 
So one of these bills is not but as you can see is 5,000 Milliard = 5000 Billion ReichsMark so this bank note is Five Trillion ReichtsMark and there are 500 of these bills in this wrapper...  This is a piece of history that testifies of the huge inflation of the money in post WW1 Germany.
People went to buy a a bread with a wheel-barrel filled with 50 Million ReichsMark bank notes in wrappers..  or if they were lucky a wrapper of these  5 trillion notes.
It is one of the most extreme cases of monetary inflation in history and this took only a few years  to get to in these ludicrous numbers.
Of course the cost of the paper and ink to print this kind of money makes the production price higher than the currency it represents. My mother who told me the story about this money and also said that this would probably never would happen again to a country because in that time the financial systems were guaranteed by law..
In 2004 saw a 10 million Lyra bill of turkey on Schiphol (Amsterdam International) Airport and I made a remark to my son, "look Turkey is a country of millionaires" but that still wasn't the size of the ReichsMark bills.

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a banknote from Zimbabwe and that really blew my mind :
100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollar..


It is probably worth something like 7 Euro or 8 US Dollar but having this framed on the wall gives me this Scrooge McDuck feeling from the story that he changed his entire fortune for one single bank note that he put in his money warehouse and almost died of boredom because he could not swim in it any more..
back to reality, this kind of inflation of money as always is caused by corrupt and criminal government, one can laugh about it , but is really is a horrible disgrace that this still happens in the world

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