The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why the USA public should be proud of people like Manning and Snowden..

American people have real problems seeing the difference between whistle blowers and traitors .. US army private Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for passing classified documents to whistle blowing platform  wikileaks ..
Bradley Manning
What were these documents really were about, is long swept under the rug of smoke screens by the government misinformation machine and bought and paid for Commercial American news media..
Bradly Manning exposed how in Iraq the American Military shot civilians and a news crew from a helicopter..
Bradly Manning was an honest young boy who saw gruesome things being covered up by his superiors and saw it as his duty to make this public ..
That he embarrassed the government and over inflated self image of the average American public does not make him a traitor but he has been successfully discredited and is now paying with 35 years of his life..

Now the character assassination machine of the government, and without questioning taken over by the Commercial American News Media, can write another victory to it's name.
*Character Assassination = Vicious personal verbal attacks, especially  intended to destroy or damage a public figure's reputation.
This propaganda system completely destroyed the integrity of one of the bravest men of current day : Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden
About Snowden, I have to agree with what I friend of mine said on Sodahead .com

Snowden held off on releasing docs proving govt wrong doings because he believed Obama's promise about transparency andintegrity in govt dealing....
When he realized it was just more of the same old same old he did what a genuine patriot would do,
How is releasing documents revealing that the NSA spies on porn habits a danger to Americans?Or revealing spying on allies? Illegal spying on allies? and American citizens?
Snowden has released nothing that endangers national security, he merely embarrassed the government..
He is currently in the former Soviet Union because Russians are not intimidated by America
(end quote)

Snowden is no different than we are, we also try to publicly expose the dirty government tricks aren't we ? Only we have to rely on information what corrupt news media, news websites and Youtube can present ..
NOBODY in politics listens to us, we are the crazies, the conspiracy theorists..
Except because of Snowden delivering PROOF so now we know that the NSA saves files of everything we write, so they know exactly who can oppose the shady wheeling and dealing of the "people behind the screens"

Snowden is a man of integrity, more than we are, as armchair political commentators,  safely hiding behind nicknames and a computer screens..
TRAITORS SELL SECRETS FOR MONEY OR OTHER PERSONAL GAIN and do anything to keep their identity a secret..

Snowden didn't , he went public sacrificed everything he had, his future, his personal life, his safety (he will never be safe again in his entire life) to expose things the USA (NSA=USA) is doing to its OWN PEOPLE and to its ALLIES


Instead of believing this character assassination process people should be glad , no ecstatic about whistle blowers and DEFEND people like Manning and Snowden !
Men who try to wake people up from their ignorant lethargy ..

Are you angry now? you should be (at your government)

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