The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When Internet Friends Die

Some of you might know I also post on a website called Sodahead
There I had a friend with the nickname "the thinking woman" who  suddenly disappeared on line..
If it wasn't for a friend of hers, I never would have known that she passed away , it would be like she had left without a trace..

Today I learned that one of my many opponents on that website had passed away, I did not even know that person that much, but it suddenly reminded me of my friend and decided to share this story with you who read it.

For you who are interested, here is a link to the tribute I wrote to her on Sodahead.


It might be enlightening to read that first

The text of that particular post does not tell all..
It does not tell how her illness was unnoticed until it was too late..
It does not tell what lead to her death..
I have held this inside for too long now but to my opinion the American justice system killed her.
It killed her in the same way as it turned Treyvon martin  in to a criminal and George Zimmerman in to some sort of hero..

The Thinking Woman, her name was Katelyn , Kate in short and I met her on
At that time she had another account under the name  Forever Liberal, she kinda rescued me when I had one of my first collisions with the immense stupid right wing idiots that seem to infest that website.
I liked the way she wrote and we became friends, and soon we chatted on MSN and later we used Skype and I grew to love her..
She was  so smart, so gentle, well educated so in touch with reality it was like everything I ever wanted
After a while of chatting and talking at a certain moment she wanted to move to me in the Netherlands to escape her life and grow old here together, far from the turmoil of American politics racism and hate..
But something happened that destroyed our dream and took Katelyn's life in the process..

Kate  was the daughter of a Scottish father and a Cherokee mother.
Her father was a Police man killed  by members of the KKK as I remember correctly somewhere in the 1960's
Her mother passed away a few years later, she went to school college university and earned several Ph.D's and became a high school teacher when she met her later to be husband who was the son of a wealthy republican stockbroker ..
After they married she gave birth to a son and soon after that she discovered that she made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying this man.

He turned out to be a wife beater of the worst kind, he even tortured her with a knife and lent her out to friends who raped her ..
She became a prisoner in her own house , her husband made sure that he never left any visible marks so to the outside world it stayed unnoticed..
The only joy in her life was her son and working with horses..
After a few attempts to run away that were stopped by her in law family she finally filed for a divorce and had her chance to move away from this abusive monster...
She had to give everything up , to have him agree to this divorce, it took all her personal savings and it was not even sure that she would get custody over her son..
Then disaster struck..
On one day her soon to be ex husband came to pick up the child , then 4 years old for "a day with his father" and he drove his car in to a tree killing both him and the child instantly ..
Katelyn of course was devastated by the death of her son ..
Because the divorce was not yet final, she inherited everything that had belonged to her dead husband, but because her in law family accused her of driving their son to suicide , they made sure she never saw a penny of that ..

She moved from place to place to stay out of the reach of the hate of her ex father in-law but somehow every time he manage to find her..
At the moment we met on Sodahead, she thought she had shook him and she made herself a life as horse whisperer, she did wonders with ex race horses which were so stressed and crazy because of this life of competition and finally were sold with the purpose of breeding..
When she told me about this work I heard the passion in her voice, the love she had for these horses and then she told me about her past and the horrible things she had to go through with her husband , and she told me about her ex inlaw family who had made it a task to make her life as miserable as possible ..
Shortly after that this plan of moving in together in my place was born, she would be far out of reach of her ex in law family and we wold start a new life together .
We made wild plans to erase the trail to the Netherlands, she would first fly to southern France and then take the train to Paris and then to Amsterdam where I would meet her ..
This was a really exiting time , she was constantly on Skype talking with me and my son who's name she never could pronounce right and some times led to hilarious sounding tongue twisters

In august 2011 we decided to speed things up after she told me that her ex father in law had found her again and cursed her out on the phone.
She lived in a secure gated housing complex so she was not too worried about getting unwanted visitors..
In September 2011 I got a different message from her , telling me she was brutally attacked by some man  in the stables of the farm she worked with a horse , the farmer saved her by hitting her attacker unconscious with a shovel but Kate was in bad shape ..
The police took her attacker and threw him in prison but after a day he was bailed out .....  by her ex Father in law.
And that was not all, he provided this attacker with a dream team of high paid lawyers.

The day after that Kate told me that it was worse than she first told me , this attacker had brutally raped her an was about to kill her when her friend the farmer knocked him out with a shovel, I was furious and desperate at the same time , I wanted her to get out of there far away from this..
But she wanted to testify and see this rapist in jail to prevent this from happening again..
Because there was something strange going on and the police and D.A. was acting strange I asked her if she could find some private investigator to find out what was really going on..
She did and found a retired cop who worked as a P.I.  he found clues that this rapist could have been hired by her ex Father in law to kill her , but the killer messed up by raping her first and so wasting tome so the farmer came just in time to knock him out..

The DA. saw the danger Kate was still in so he ordered to take her to a safe house , the only things she could bring with her were her clothes and after insisting she could bring her Laptop so we would not lose contact ..
From that moment the only thing she wanted was leave and never return , even if this would mean dropping the charges..
But it became a federal case because the killer turned out to be well known to the police and this time they would have a good case to convict him.
Don't ask me for details but because of that the charges could no longer be dropped and she had to stay in the US until after the trial.

So the plan to move away from there had to wait
From this safe house we had contact on a regular basis and I did my best to comfort her as far as this is possible over the Internet ..
I sang her songs in front of the camera , and to take her mind of it
The trial started in February 2012 and this became a sickening event of character assassination started, discrediting Kate, turning her in to some whore in the eyes of the Jury..
They even called the men who raped her in the presence of her ex husband (all "respected" wealthy conservative business men) and from that moment I noticed her desperation.. 
Some times there were good moments , but most of the time we were talking about the day she would move to the Netherlands ..
She told me how the stress and hardship of this trial negatively influenced her diabetes and that sometimes she had to spend a day or two in the hospital..

Then the lowest dirtiest trick was pulled to break Kate's spirit, on the list of "witnesses" was the name of her son who died in that accident..  it was a really despicable move of the defense but it gave birth to a strange hope that her son she loved so much was still alive after all ..
She told the Ex cop PI to search for the death certificates, which turned out to have disappeared ...
these are actual shots of that birds
Then it became spring 2012 I had a web cam in a bird's nest box and she was really thrilled by seeing these precious blue tits building their nest and laying eggs , we were jokingly calling them our children..
March passed by and the defense team hired by Kate's ex father in law really did a number on her, and she told me how much weight she had lost during the weeks of this trial, and then she told me that her house , where she hadn't been for months, was torched back in December , and she was never told this ..
In April it all ended in a miss trial and Kate lost all courage , only the birds nest could make her feel better..
In the morning of April 14 (USA time still April 13) she told me she had been to the hospital again and that she was so tired she really wanted to sleep and we said goodbye..
That afternoon the eggs in the bird's nest hatched but Kate never saw them because she died that day..

This whole sham of a trial had took so much of her strength of her Indian spirit that it went totally unnoticed that she had cancer, and this cancer could consume her broken body without any resistance because the American Justice System broke her and finally killed her ...


This whole affair took such a  bite out of me that it never leaves my mind , I constantly carry it with me..

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why the USA public should be proud of people like Manning and Snowden..

American people have real problems seeing the difference between whistle blowers and traitors .. US army private Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for passing classified documents to whistle blowing platform  wikileaks ..
Bradley Manning
What were these documents really were about, is long swept under the rug of smoke screens by the government misinformation machine and bought and paid for Commercial American news media..
Bradly Manning exposed how in Iraq the American Military shot civilians and a news crew from a helicopter..
Bradly Manning was an honest young boy who saw gruesome things being covered up by his superiors and saw it as his duty to make this public ..
That he embarrassed the government and over inflated self image of the average American public does not make him a traitor but he has been successfully discredited and is now paying with 35 years of his life..

Now the character assassination machine of the government, and without questioning taken over by the Commercial American News Media, can write another victory to it's name.
*Character Assassination = Vicious personal verbal attacks, especially  intended to destroy or damage a public figure's reputation.
This propaganda system completely destroyed the integrity of one of the bravest men of current day : Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden
About Snowden, I have to agree with what I friend of mine said on Sodahead .com

Snowden held off on releasing docs proving govt wrong doings because he believed Obama's promise about transparency andintegrity in govt dealing....
When he realized it was just more of the same old same old he did what a genuine patriot would do,
How is releasing documents revealing that the NSA spies on porn habits a danger to Americans?Or revealing spying on allies? Illegal spying on allies? and American citizens?
Snowden has released nothing that endangers national security, he merely embarrassed the government..
He is currently in the former Soviet Union because Russians are not intimidated by America
(end quote)

Snowden is no different than we are, we also try to publicly expose the dirty government tricks aren't we ? Only we have to rely on information what corrupt news media, news websites and Youtube can present ..
NOBODY in politics listens to us, we are the crazies, the conspiracy theorists..
Except because of Snowden delivering PROOF so now we know that the NSA saves files of everything we write, so they know exactly who can oppose the shady wheeling and dealing of the "people behind the screens"

Snowden is a man of integrity, more than we are, as armchair political commentators,  safely hiding behind nicknames and a computer screens..
TRAITORS SELL SECRETS FOR MONEY OR OTHER PERSONAL GAIN and do anything to keep their identity a secret..

Snowden didn't , he went public sacrificed everything he had, his future, his personal life, his safety (he will never be safe again in his entire life) to expose things the USA (NSA=USA) is doing to its OWN PEOPLE and to its ALLIES


Instead of believing this character assassination process people should be glad , no ecstatic about whistle blowers and DEFEND people like Manning and Snowden !
Men who try to wake people up from their ignorant lethargy ..

Are you angry now? you should be (at your government)