The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ever wondered why Palestinians hate Israel ?

This is is about my aggravation about this statement  "Palestine Never Was a Country" and is this ignorance that made me decide to write this blog Of course Palestine never was a country , Nobody ever called Palestine a country.
This idea only exists in the minds persons who post before they check the facts
After reading these totally insane postings about Palestine and Israel I decided it was time for the truth this subject.

I had to compress it to a short readable text but I assure you it is all based on documented facts, if you want the details ? do your own research ..


"Palestine" was an international enclave within the territory that was ruled by British mandate that ended in Dec 31 1947
The British Mandate for Palestine, or simply the Mandate for Palestine was formally confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations on 24 July 1922.
The purpose of this mandate was to secure the routes to British India and the use of the Suez Channel after the fall of the Ottoman empire (current turkey) that has ruled the territory since the 16th century
When this mandate ended it could have become a country if the Jewish people didn't "invade" the territory and took it as their own..
This invasion was planned carefully years before the end of the Mandate , it had to be secretly because the French aswell as the Vatican had their eyes on the territory

The western world of that time (including the USA) was oh so happy to provide ships and other transport to help the Jews relocate to the Palestinian territory..
But the reason was less poetic , It was their way to finally get rid of the Jews from their countries..
The ugly truth was : The Jews were hated throughout the world
In Europe Hitler used that in his propaganda that lead to the political victory of the Nazis and finally to the second World War..
This hate for Jews was not gone after the capitulation of the Nazis and the end of the mandate over the Palestinian territory came as a "gift from heaven" for that moment it was goodbye and good riddance ..

In December 1947 a ready fleet ships with Jewish colonists and armed Jewish militia, that later became the Israeli army set sail for the Palestine territory and performed on Jan 1 1948 a silent invasion that was only recognized by the indigenous people until it was too late
close to a million (the exact number is still under dispute) families were driven from their homes farms and properties
late close exact number dispute families driven homes farms properties
Palestinian exodus
The refugees later became known as the Palestinian exodus
Later, a series of laws passed by the first Israeli government prevented them from returning to their homes, or claiming their property
In 1949 100,000 were allowed to return, though because of the new laws not necessarily to their homes
The Israelis offered to let 300,000 come back
This proposal was conditional on a peace treaty that would allow Israel to retain the territory it had taken, and on the Arab states absorbing the remaining 550,000–650,000 refugees.
The Arab states rejected the proposal on both moral and political grounds

#3 Six day war 

It was only the six day war against Egypt that started the sympathy for the small Jewish country standing brave against it's surrounding enemy countries.. and the propaganda machine started running in favor of them ..
But one thing happened that showed another face of Israel
The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty.
Before the attack
 It was attacked by Israeli Air Force Mirage III fighters with missiles, Mystere fighters carrying napalm and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on June 8, 1967, during this Six-Day War.
The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and one civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.
After the attack
At the time, the ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 25.5 nautical miles northwest from the Egyptian city of "Arish".
Israel apologized claimed that the ship was mistaken for the Egyptian supply ship El Quseir, in reality half the size of the Liberty and a totally different silhouette
In May 1968, the Israeli government paid US$3,323,500 (US$22.2 million in 2012) as full payment to the families of the 34 men killed in the attack.
In March 1969, Israel paid a further $3,566,457 in compensation to the men who had been wounded. On 18 December 1980, it agreed to pay $6 million as settlement for the final U.S. bill of $17,132,709 for material damage to the Liberty itself plus 13 years' interest.
The reason for this defenseless ship was a controversy until evidence was recovered of a mass murder of 400+ people in the Sinai region during the 6day war and could have been the reason for the attack on the Liberty to prevent them from intercepting radio messages where the order was given to kill all these people

Wikipedia has a fully detailed page on the incident :


Israel has become the nuclear superpower of the middle east and has more secrets and more disdain for other countries than any other nation in the world..

#5 What is constantly swept under the rug:

The exiled Palestinian people still have not returned , Palestinians within the borders of the Palestinian state on the west bank are virtual prisoner in their own country, controlled by the Israeli Army who destroy food and development shipments transported from Europe and other western countries
On the by the Israeli Army controlled Gaza strip 82 European funded development projects are destroyed by the Israeli Army
Destroyed Palestinian tv station
Incurring financial losses of approximately 50 million Euro (about 65 million US dollar) of which the European Union suffered losses of about 30 million Euro ( about 38 million US dollar)

Question, do you still wonder why the Palestinians hate Israel ? what would you do if you were in their shoes?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal observations in my childhood (part 1)

As my readers (all 3 of them) already know, so far I have written about some things as I personally experienced them during my life, and this time I will do the same ..
My Dad back then
For who don't know me  I am from the Netherlands and I am an Atheist, no big deal here, half of the people in this country are non church going..
I am the son of an engineer, not the theoretical but the practical kind.
As a young man who survived WW2 by being "underground" to avoid capture by the Nazis, after the war my father got back to the factory he used to work before the Germans invaded my country, to find that nothing was working anymore and all needed to be repaired and so he did. It was not like using two broken machines to make one working machine, it was using two broken machines to make TWO working machines, that is the kind of man my father was, he could repair everything and anything.
My father also was a union man and member of the Dutch Labor Party formally known as the SDAP (Social Democrat Labor Party of the Netherlands)
Western Europe was in ruins and so were the Netherlands and what true is, has to be told, the American Marshall plan saved our asses from being annexed by the Soviet Union.

 In that time the greatest men in Europe came together to design a new social structure and parliamentary system that would rebuild Europe and the new modern Social democratic political system was formed
Dr Willem Drees
One of the main architects was Dr Willem Drees a man of great integrity and vision, you could call him one of the founding fathers of the Post WW2 Netherlands
Dr Willem Drees stood at the birth of this system,  it was the best of both sides : great personal liberty and freedom paired with the freedom of enterprise of capitalism combined  with good wages for the workers who were the pillars of rebuilding  the economy and a revolutionary new system in social and medical security taken from socialism..

Call me what you want but I am a Social Democrat in heart and mind and soul ....
 well... as far as I have a soul..

yours truly age 2
When I came to this world in 1955, Europe was still rebuilding and the prosperity of the people grew every year, factories made excellent profits and did huge investments , unemployment was practically none existing..

In my teens I became politically aware and I walked in the protest marches against the war in Vietnam, the Arms race and war in general.
When I reached the age of 18 I voted for the first time , and like my father I voted for the Dutch Labor Party but that was about it..
I was way to busy being young, party and chase girls to bother about politics , this came later when the USA suggested that western Europe could be used to "host" a new weapon: the Tomahawk Cruise Missile capable of delivering nuclear payloads to Soviet Union targets flying at very low altitude and undetectable for radar.
We just had a new government headed by a Christian conservative party  CDA and a capitalist conservative party VVD and they basically said "sure why not" .  This decision created an outrage in the Netherlands, labor (more ales like the liberals in  the USA) and the Unions organized the largest protest manifestations in Dutch history, it was clear that the people did not agree with American nuclear weapons on our soil and so becoming a target for the Soviet Union, we did not want to have anything to do with this "silly quarrel" between the USA and the USSR  ..
Some day an American reporter said, the dutch protesters must be -suffering from Hollanditis- , and what was meant as an insult we took as a compliment , HOLLANDITIS , half of northwest Europe had it , literally millions of people took it to the streets 400,000 people protesting in Amsterdam 150,000 in The Hague thousands in manifestations all around the country, Hollanditis ruled!!
Finally the government could not do anything else take the will of the people in serious consideration and had to deny the American request to place American nuclear weapons within our borders , Hollanditis was victorious we were proud of our country, we had made a clear stand for PEACE and equality..

This lasted until it got in the papers that our DIRTY RAT prime minister Dries Van
Agt, (he even had the face of a rat )in secret went to Brussels to sign the agreement of placing American nuclear weapons on Dutch soil..This was not only UN-constitutional, because he ignored the votes in the hous of representatives and the senate , it was HIGH TREASON , allowing foreign weapons on our soil ..
Technically this is the only (military) crime in which the death penalty by firing squad can be demanded in the Netherlands..
Of course this was covered up with misinformation and up till today, nothing is really clear about that had happened.
Only that Van Agt moved to obscurity as Dutch ambassador in Japan...
We were still proud of the ourself as a people but deeply ashamed about our government and it opened my eyes to how the following governments of the Netherlands changed from champions of peace , against the arms race in to an American ASS kissing bunch of cowards..

And it gets worse ....  in the next chapter

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

American Shutdown = republican hostile take over of democracy

It started already in 1913 when with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank which is owned by the richest PRIVATE banks in the USA so there is nothing Federal about it.
This bank has only one purpose, to lend the government money (they create from thin air) under high interest rates, and to build a debt based economy, with the final goal to create a situation where the government cannot even pay back the interest and the banks  now represented by the republicans can default the Government and that is exactly what is happening now almost exactly 100years later


For the past  34 years the  republicans (funded by the richest corporations and banks  of the USA) actively are trying to hand over the US government to the filthy rich corporations...

(1) They made corporations persons, with only one purpose only private persons are allowed to fund political campaigns by turning corporations in to persons they now are allowed to put BILLIONS in to campaigns that favor their republican favorite and campaigns to dumb down the people ..

(2) They limited the voting rights of the American people manipulated polls and stole  two elections that put G Dubya Bush in the white house who started two wars that pushed the American debt to the Federal reserve meaning to the rich private bankers to a new record that pushed the national debt in to the trillions

(3) They repealed laws that regulate banks, this means basically giving giving banks permission to speculate and GAMBLE with your money, your pension funds, something the Glass Steagall act prohibited, and what happened ? the 2008 financial crisis, the banks were bailed out by the Government , so the debt rose explosively and pushed the USA more to the situation where the government cannot even pay back the interest .

(4) Because this still was not enough to hand over the government to the corporations so creating a corporatism controlled economy and government Better known as fascism they started a vicious campaign to obstruct and slander the one person who stood in their way : president  Barack Obama , and hey they could fire up "good old" racism because this is a black president By endless amounts of filibusters they destroyed ever effort of Obama to recover the country from this dire situation (because that is not in the republican interest)

(5) and now finally they are actively pushing for default  by holding the USA hostage over the Affodable Health Care act . which they call a BILL  but already is law, approved by votes and the supreme court..
They don't care about affordable health care, it only is the tool they now use to push for this default and , dont doubt it, this is exactly what is happening, they don't care about the the world economy that will totally collapse when the USA government is forced to default, they don't care about the world population will plummet in to poverty and chaos ... They want POWER

To my opinion this thing makes the republican party guilty of high treason against a legit democratically elected President and Government ..

Because what is happening now, is a hostile take over of American democracy, and time will tell if I am right or wrong..

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dream child, the little boy that never was born..

Holland, one day in 2004 all the names and places are real..
The one I am telling this to is my girlfriend Maria Rivera, from Mexico and the love of my life.. 

It is night , I suddenly wake up because you are shaking me..
I am confused, what are you doing here, oh yes it is all coming back to me now..
You say to me, "it is time"
I think "time for what" I am still in the process of waking up from a heavy sleep, oh yes the baby is coming, but now ? the doctor said it could still be three or four days away...I turn around and see your face a moment all in pain and when it looks like the pain is going , you say "I know, it is coming."
Suddenly I am all awake, we have everything ready, you have to go the the hospital because the doctor thinks it is better because of the damage the Mexican doctors did to you when your son Fernando was born.. "yes that is it" I help you up from the bed and down the stairs..
The noise must have woken my son Sjouke because I see light from under his door, the other room is still dark..
Downstairs I help you sit down in the chair so I can get the stuff we prepared..
I look at your face and you are so stunningly beautiful, between the pain of the contractions you really radiate happiness .. It is finally going to happen...
In matter of minutes I am dressed and the sport bag with clothes and stuff is standing beside me..
"Let's go" you say and I help you to get on your feet, it must be very hard to get up without pain.. Outside the light of the first sun is glowing at the horizon when I help you in the car, I run back to the house to get the bag and see Sjouke and Fernando standing there, Sjouke gives me the bag and says "good luck" they both wave and I am back to the car.. The good old Volvo starts right away..
I see lights going on in all the houses around us, Jetze the neighbor across the street is standing in the door waving "good luck"

There is not much trafic on the road, and Oh shit I realize I forgot to call the doctor, lucky I did not forget my cellphone and call him right away..
"Leemhuis" says the phone in my ear , our doctor always sounds calm and friendly, he says he will warn the hospital right away and everything will be ready when we arrive..  Really almost no traffic on our lane to the city of  Sneek and the st Anthony hospital..
I hear you making a sound of pain beside me , I take your left hand im my right hand and say "squeeze my hand when you feel pain, maybe it helps"
It is alright , the contraction is gone and you look relieved..
The door of the hospital is open and two nurses are already waiting with a wheelchair we
rush in through  the empty hall and in the ready elevator to bring us to the floor of the delivery room..
Oh shit, my car is still outside in front of the door, I tell it to the nurse .. she remains calm and asks me for the keys, so she can find someone to park it for me..
The maternity ward is empty like it is all prepared for us, and they bring us to a small room where we can wait for the doctor to check up on you..
The nurse straps a thing to your belly and suddenly we can hear the baby's heart , wow it is beating so fast, but I remember from Sjouke's birth that his is normal..
I sit down next to your bed and take your hand and I look at your face, you smile at me, and say"don't be so nervous Dirrik "just like you always pronounce Dirk, my name , "I will be fine"..
Oh my god you are so beautiful, being pregnant of our baby made with love makes you radiate..
If there are angels , this is how they must look, flashes through my mind ..
A new contraction, you really squeeze my hand real hard.. I see the pain in your face, but then it is gone and your face relaxes.. The doctor walks in, still in his normal clothes, he shakes our hands and asks the nurses about the situation..
He tells us: "everything is fine, I will go change and will be right back" and he leaves the room.. It is realy hot in here, and I want to open the door to let some heat out.. you stop me and look at me with a face, "no Dirrik let the nurses do their work" , funny It is only a few weeks ago that I sarted to understand the hints you are sending me, you are so patient with me..
The nurse comes in with fruit juice and pillows, the contractions are coming faster now and they really hurt you, I can see and feel it..
Finally the doctor comes back and says, it looks like it is time to let the baby come..
The nurses drive the bed out of the room in to the delivery room across the corridor..
I see all kinds of children's drawings on the wall , all behind glass, and the doctor see me looking at them, he smiles "these are all made by children born in this delivery room"
The nurse offers me a chair next to the special delivery bed you are on now..
The contractions are really quick and we are both huffing and puffing like crazy ..
It does not work at all, I see that you are very much in pain... I grab your hand and right away you squeeze it very hard, and you cannot hold a little scream of pain anymore..
The doctor says "I can see the head, push now !" you push very hard, and squeeze my hand very hard now..
"Everything is going alright, push" and suddenly the doctor holds a baby in his hand "it is a little boy"
Oh my god, the baby is so beautiful, a head with lots of dark hair and he slowly opens his eyes..
The nurse gently puts him on a towel and lays him down on your stomach, you look terrible, all covered with sweat, but so happy, I will never forget this face ...
The doctor leaves a few minutes to enjoy our little angel.. It is such a beautiful boy with dark brown eyes, dark hair.. even tho the little face is still a little wrinkled I see he looks a lot like you.. and it looks like he really sees us.. because he opens
his mouth and vents a little sigh ..
The doctor is back with clamps he puts on the umbilical cord , "do you want to cut it?" he asks me and offers me the scissors
With almost no resistance the cord is cut and the baby is on his own in the world now, I look at you and we both start crying of happiness, what a beautiful sweet an innocent boy ...
The nurse is standing behind me and tells me she needs the baby for the first tests..
You smile at me and I stand up from my chair to let the nurse take the baby, she takes him to the scale and I follow her..
From the scale the baby looks at me, I say "welcome to the world little fella"

Suddenly I am drawn away from you the baby and the delivery room by this awful sound  tiiiiiit tiiiiiit tiiiiit !
It is my alarm clock now I am wide awake, it was a dream, but it was so real..
I am alone in my bed, you are not here, and where is the baby.. oh shit it was a dream, only a dream...
I sit up right and start crying..
It feels good and I am returning to reality..
Man this was heavy, and so real..

I am going to miss you little fella, even tho you only existed for a moment in my dream ...

Supplement :

When I told her this story, Maria cried she was so emotionally moved  and she wanted to name this dream child, and so we did, Amado a child from pure love, who only lived for a moment in my dream..
This dream was so intense that even today 9 years later I still have the feeling that I lost a son at childbirth...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Elizabeth Warren for President

I'm not all about atheism, I'm also about common sense , and what I have seen that past weeks is that anything that possibly made sense in the republican party now is thrown overboard by forcing a government shutdown as a toddler with a temper tantrum..
And why ? Republicans don't give a damn about democracy.. They lost the elections, They lost their argument against the Affordable Health Care Act and the lost again in court...
The ACA is law , and because they cannot have it their way the take the economy hostage as a new try  to force to repeal democracy itself , just because they rather die and take millions with them than admit that they lost....

All these anti Obama care campaigns are such blatant lies that it make one wonder how stupid do they think the American people are... wait let me hold that thought ...
full of shit
he American people who support the republicans are predominantly stupid, they are so dumbed down by the Rupert Murdoch and Koch brothers financed commercial right wing propaganda system like FoxCrap that is so far removed from bening a real news service that Dr. Joseph Goebbels, head of Nazi Germany's Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.would be proud of ...

American people who support the dumbing down of their own educational system by opposing science in favor of religious indoctrination and a school curriculum that has been out dated for at least 100 years ...
Of course  these people are this stupid to believe the lies  and deception by a "political" party that preaches idiocies like small government, teaching abstinence only as sex education, Corporations are "people" , The American President  isn't an American and :
......O b a m a  C a r e equals  S o c i a l i s m ......
(just to name a few) 

Just when I thought , all is lost for the USA and its people because lies and deceptions seemed to rule hope rises in the person of  Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren..  She is what, to my opinion, the USA needs to to return the USA to it's former glory, when Elizabeth Warren speaks, people listen, when Elizabeth Warren asks the proper questions, people (mostly liars) start stammering...

I hear so much talk about Hillary Clinton as the designated next Democrat President, but something about her makes the hairs in my neck stand up, I have never heard her talk in a clear and understandable and decisive way like Elizabeth Warren does , and most people already seem to have forgotten how Hillary Clinton was bought off by the pharmaceutical industry, to drop her efforts to introduce universal health care and she still is receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from doctors, hospitals, drug manufacturers and insurers. Nationwide, she is the No. 2 recipient of donations from the industry..
I dare you LOOK IT UP..

I don't trust Hillary and I think her only addition to American history would be that she was the first female President , well big deal I fear that she will be a shallow president, who will change with the winds..

My favorite for first female President is Elizabeth Warren, who loud and clearly speaks out about the idiotic republicans who keep the country hostage , to reverse a democratically approved law....
Look for yourself: 

Way to go Lizzy, show them that you mean business!

I really would like to see this, but bummer, so far she is not interested for the presidency, maybe we should try to convince her..

PS Does it show that I like her ?