The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The "Scrooge McDuck Syndrome"

I am going for the Nobel prize for Medicine.

Have you ever heard of  OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ?
This disorder causes the brain to get stuck on a particular thought or urge, just like broken record...
Surely yo heard of these people who collect Elvis statues , Barbie dolls, garden gnomes , up to a degree that is exceeds the level of being ridiculous, that kind of stuff.
OK his is still benign these collectors don't hurt any one with it and the give us , the "sane people" a good laugh every once in a while...

 There is also a degree in this disorder in people who have their house filled to the roof with garbage they don't want to part with because it has tremendous value to them..
hoarding  junk
When this happens , it is called compulsive collecting or Compulsive Hoarding 
This is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment..
(sorry folks for the official sounding language , this is what you get from wikipedia) 
It can be a health risk to the people who live in the  vicinity of such a person, which often has no idea of the abnormality of their condition and/or his/her situation and they keep collecting just because their brain tells them to ... 
This gave me the idea that greed , always wanting more money, not to buy things but just the perverted urge to  HAVE more and more money it must also be a compulsive collecting disorder , and if it is ......(pause) there must be therapy for these Greedy Oppressive Perverts.

Note: every similarity with the American G.O.P (as they like to call the Republican party) is purely coincidence..   

Ok that about it being a  coincidence is not true ...

But let's get real , these Greedy Bastards, I am sorry, people suffering this disorder are a serious health risk to society, because they will find all kinds of ways , like a drug addict who needs a fix , they need more money, and if it means to steal it from people like you and me? They don't give a damn.
And these people suffering this disorder are also very smart so they WILL find legal ways to get it from your pocket and keep it in theirs ..
They create poverty, and poor people have no money for medical care, ergo: these money "collectors" are a health risk and should be treated for this ..

Maybe something to add to Obama Care ?  after all these greedy Bastards, OOPS I am sorry again, people suffering this disorder cannot be expected to use parts of their "collection" to pay for it ..  (dripping sarcasm)

OK , I have discovered a new dangerous disorder, let's call it a syndrome , that sounds better.
Scrooge McDuck
And I have the perfect name for it : "the Scrooge McDuck money hoarding disorder"  what did you say ?  is this too long ?   OK let's shorten it to:

 The Scrooge McDuck syndrome

Just look at the character of Scrooge McDuck , his compulsive urge to be the richest duck in the world, and for what? Only to pile it up in his money storage and sit on it...
Is this so much different than these people collecting garbage and sit on it? 
Or as these Greedy Oppressive Perverts who rob he USA blind just to soothe their sick compulsive need for MORE MORE MORE money, even if this will destroy the economy or even the whole country?
These poor people need to be treated, they need therapy to eventually convince them to give all this money back to the people and country they stole it from ..
Remember it people, you heard it from me :  The Scrooge McDuck Syndrome  

Now where is that Nobel Prize ? 

 lalala all that money lovely money..  I want more and more and I want to swim in it and it is all mine

( just joking folks )

Friday, September 13, 2013

Conservatives explained in groups

Ok this is a shorty

Conservatives explained in groups in the simplest possible way so even THEY can understand it.
Group #1 : These are the largest numbers and most of this category ignorant, gullible or plain dumb..

Group #2 : The smart ones, they are the rich conservatives, who exploit group #1 by feeding them lies and the illusion that they (Group #1) are superior to liberals...

Group #2a : The religious organizations who help Group #2 to keep Group #1 dumb

Group #3  : The conservative media who are paid by Group #2 to broadcast their form of truth

Group #4  :  The henchmen, politicians, lobbyists

Even I understand it
OK here we go.
it works like this: Group #1 believes all the indoctrination and propaganda by Group #2a and #3 that tax breaks for Group #2 are the most important for the economy

The solution for the gullible ignorant and dumb people of Group #1 would be good education..  But education is controlled by the henchmen of Group #4 who get paid by the rich Group #2 to keep education from teaching truth and facts to keep Group #1 nice and ignorant ..

And this completes the conservative circle.. confused ?  
Reason: You must be conservative..  sorry

This is the most simple way to explain the method of conservatism.

Think about this : will another Republican president of the USA start new wars?

USA Wars, the past 3 decades:
ronald reagan
President Ronald Reagan, Republican party.

started Grenada:
When a Communist government took over the country, it persecuted
the American college students studying there.

George HW Bush
President George Herbert Walker Bush, Republican party.

Started Panama:
Noriega, leader of Panama was charged with drug trafficking
and through Noriega's power, Panama would declare war
(Though retaining the Canal is alleged to be the real motive).

Started Persian Gulf:
The Gulf War was fought to Liberate Kuwait from Iraq
and protect Saudi Arabia from an Invasion
(also to protect oil interests).

Sent military support Somalia:
Troops were sent to Somalia to assist in the feeding
the hungry after guerrillas shot up UN aid convoys.

Bill Clinton
President Bill Clinton, Democratic Party

Sent military support Bosnia:
Troops were sent to Bosnia to enforce peacekeeping.
Yugoslavia was attacked over genocide upon the
ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

Sent military support Iraq:
Air assaults were done upon Iraq after it failed
to comply with UN weapons inspectors.

G W Bush
George Walker (dubya) Bush, Republican party:

Started Afghanistan:
The Afganistan invasion was the result of the Taliban ruled
government's refusal to hand over Osama bin Laden.

The Iraq was as a part of the socalled war on terrorism ,
the invasion is still under debate.

Barack H Obama
Barack H Obama , Democratic party.

Sent military support Libya:
Troops + The navy were sent to aid the people's uprising
against dictator Colonel Moammar Mohammed al-Qadhafi

The past Decades several wars were started by republican Presidents , and with the threat in Iran, the strait of hormuz, the chance is real that a next republican president will start a war there, that has very well the capacity to start a 3d world war due to the chainreaction that can start during an armed conflict between Iran on one side and the US and Israel on the other side..
And eventhough a nuclear weapon in the hands of Iran scares me , it does not scare me as much as the finger of a fanatic christian conservative republican president on the button of the world's biggest conventional and Nuclear arsenal
Future ?
mushroom cloud
President ???????? , Republican Party

Started IRAN:
The middle east conflict Israel US against Iran
resulted in World War III:
(then ... nothing)
If you don'want this to happen .

Explaining Social Democracy to a Republican

This article is a repost of something I posted somewhere in 2012 , it is not my own, the original source is at the bottom and explains the system of SOCIAL DEMOCRACY as is generally used in the countries of Western Europe, Australia and many more modern western countries.
In Europe after 2 devastating World Wars and the experiences with total right wing oppression (Hitler) and total left wing oppression (Stalin) the leaders of the countries came together to devise a system that would use the good ideas of socialism and capitalism together in a new Social Democratic system of democracy, freedom peace and social wellbeing
A compromise that has been proven to work perfectly for over 60 years now .

Explaining Social Democracy To A Republican
April 15, 2012

I was talking recently with a new friend who I’m just getting to know. She tends to be somewhat conservative, while I lean more toward the progressive side.

When our conversation drifted to politics, somehow the dreaded word “socialism” came up. My friend seemed totally shocked when I said “socialism isn’t all bad”. She became very serious and replied “So you want to take money away from the rich and give to the poor?” I smiled and said “No, not at all. Why do you think socialism mean taking money from the rich and giving to the poor?

“Well it is, isn’t it?” was her reply.

I explained to her that I rather liked something called Social Democracy, just as Senator Bernie Sanders, talk show host Thom Hartman, and many other people do. a Social Democracy consists of a democratic form of government with a mix of socialism and capitalism. I proceeded to explain to her the actual meaning terms “democracy” and “socialism”.

Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens take part. It is government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Socialism is where we all put our resources together and work for the common good of us all and not just for our own benefit. In this sense, we are sharing the wealth within society.

Of course when people hear that term, “Share the wealth” they start screaming, “OMG you want to rob from the rich and give it all to the poor!” But that is NOT what Social Democracy means.

To a Social Democrat, sharing the wealth means pooling tax money together to design social programs that benefit ALL citizens of that country, city, state, etc.

The fire and police departments are both excellent examples of Social Democracy in America. Rather than leaving each individual responsible for protecting their own home from fire, everyone pools their money together, through taxes, to maintain a fire and police department. It’s operated under a non-profit status, and yes, your tax dollars pay for putting out other people’s fires. It would almost seem absurd to think of some corporation profiting from putting out fires. But it’s more efficient and far less expensive to have government run fire departments funded by tax dollars.

Similarly, public education is another social program in the USA. It benefits all of us to have a taxpayer supported, publicly run education system. Unfortunately, in America, the public education system ends with high school. Most of Europe now provides low cost or free college education for their citizens. This is because their citizens understand that an educated society is a safer, more productive and more prosperous society. Living in such a society, everyone benefits from public education.

When an American graduates from college, they usually hold burdensome debt in the form of student loans that may take 10 to even 30 years to pay off. Instead of being able to start a business or invest in their career, the college graduate has to send off monthly payments for years on end.

On the other hand, a new college graduate from a European country begins without the burdensome debt that an American is forced to take on. The young man or woman is freer to start up businesses, take an economic risk on a new venture, or invest more money in the economy, instead of spending their money paying off student loans to for-profit financial institutions. Of course this does not benefit wealthy corporations, but it does greatly benefit everyone in that society.

EXAMPLE American style capitalistic program for college: If you pay (average) $20,000 annually for four years of college, that will total $80,000 + interest for student loans. The interest you would owe could easily total or exceed the $80,000 you originally borrowed, which means your degree could cost in excess of $100,000.

EXAMPLE European style social program for college: Your college classes are paid for through government taxes. When you graduate from that college and begin your career, you also start paying an extra tax for fellow citizens to attend college.

Question - You might be thinking how is that fair? If you’re no longer attending college, why would you want to help everyone else pay for their college degree?

Answer - Every working citizen pays a tax that is equivalent to say, $20 monthly. If you work for 40 years and then retire, you will have paid $9,600 into the Social college program. So you could say that your degree ends up costing only $9,600. When everyone pools their money together and the program is non-profit, the price goes down tremendously. This allows you to keep more of your hard earned cash!

Health care is another example: If your employer does not provide health insurance, you must purchase a policy independently. The cost will be thousands of dollars annually, in addition to deductible and co-pays.

In Holland, an individual will pay around $85 monthly, period. Everyone pays into the system and this helps reduce the price for everyone, so they get to keep more of their hard earned cash.

In the United States we are told and frequently reminded that anything run by the government is bad and that everything should be operated by for-profit companies. Of course, with for-profit entities the cost to the consumer is much higher because they have corporate executives who expect compensation packages of tens of millions of dollars and shareholders who expect to be paid dividends, and so on.

This (and more) pushes up the price of everything, with much more money going to the already rich and powerful, which in turn, leaves the middle class with less spending money and creates greater class separation.

This economic framework makes it much more difficult for average Joes to ”lift themselves up by their bootstraps” and raise themselves to a higher economic standing.

So next time you hear the word “socialism” and “spreading the wealth” in the same breath, understand that this is a serious misconception.

Social programs require tax money and your taxes may be higher. But as you can see everyone benefits because other costs go down and, in the long run, you get to keep more of your hard earned cash!

Social Democracy does NOT mean taking from the rich and giving to the poor. It works to benefit everyone so the rich can no longer take advantage of the poor and middle class.


Real freedom of religion or Religious freedom as long as that religion is Christianity ??

Are the USA is a Christian nation ? Or a nation dominated by Christians ?

It seems that lots of American people think of the USA as a Christian nation and that religious freedom means that you are free to believe aslong as that religion belongs do one of these Christian based denominations or cults:

Religious freedom as that religion is ChristianityCatholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodoxy, Church of the East, Pre-Lutheran Protestants, Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, Anabaptists, Brethren, Methodists, Pietists, Baptists, Pentecostalism, Charismatics, African , Southcottites, british-Israelism, Mormons, Oneness Pentecostalism, Unitarianism, Universalism, Bible Student groups, Swedenborgianism, Other non-Trinitarians, New Thought, Esoteric Christianity
I apologize if your denomination or cult is not here but I have done that to keep the blog from becoming three meters high.

To me it seems that freedom of religion means freedom of believing, or NOT believing, in any of these gods/deities:

A, Adad, Adapa, Adrammelech, Aeon, Agasaya, Aglibol, Ahriman, Ahura Mazda, Ahurani, Ai-ada, Al-Lat, Aja, Aka, Alalu, Al-Lat, Amm, Al-Uzza (El-'Ozza or Han-Uzzai), An, Anahita, Anath (Anat), Anatu, Anbay, Anshar, Anu, Anunitu, An-Zu, Apsu, Aqhat, Ararat, Arinna, Asherali, Ashnan, Ashtoreth, Ashur, Astarte, Atar, Athirat, Athtart, Attis, Aya, Baal (Bel), Baalat (Ba'Alat), Baau, Basamum, Beelsamin, Belit-Seri, Beruth, Borak, Broxa, Caelestis, Cassios, Lebanon, Antilebanon, and Brathy, Chaos, Chemosh, Cotys, Cybele, Daena, Daevas, Dagon, Damkina, Dazimus, Derketo, Dhat-Badan, Dilmun, Dumuzi (Du'uzu), Duttur, Ea, El, Endukugga, Enki, Enlil, Ennugi, Eriskegal, Ereshkigal (Allatu), Eshara, Eshmun, Firanak, Fravashi, Gatamdug, Genea, Genos, Gestinanna, Gula, Hadad, Hannahanna, Hatti, Hea, Hiribi, The Houri, Humban, Innana, Ishkur, Ishtar, Ithm, Jamshid or Jamshyd, Jehovah, Jesus, Kabta, Kadi, Kamrusepas, Ki (Kiki), Kingu, Kolpia, Kothar-u-Khasis, Lahar, Marduk, Mari, Meni, Merodach, Misor, Moloch, Mot, Mushdama, Mylitta, Naamah, Nabu (Nebo), Nairyosangha, Nammu, Namtaru, Nanna, Nebo, Nergal, Nidaba, Ninhursag or Nintu, Ninlil, Ninsar, Nintur, Ninurta, Pa, Qadshu, Rapithwin, Resheph (Mikal or Mekal), Rimmon, Sadarnuna, Shahar, Shalim, Shamish, Shapshu, Sheger, Sin, Siris (Sirah), Taautos, Tammuz, Tanit, Taru, Tasimmet, Telipinu, Tiamat, Tishtrya, Tsehub, Utnapishtim, Utu, Wurusemu, Yam, Yarih (Yarikh), Yima, Zaba, Zababa, Zam, Zanahary (Zanaharibe), Zarpandit, Zarathustra, Zatavu, Zazavavindrano, Ziusudra, Zu (Imdugud), Zurvan

(For a (still) far from full list look here :

Does freedom of religion also means FREEDOM FROM RELIGION

The USA is a nation of Christians Isn't that why so many people emigrated from all countries to be free of religious persecution?

If the United States of America would be a Christian Nation it would be the same as Iran which is an Islamic Nation
Different name same shit , both dominated by religion, both think their religion is the true word of their invisible man that lives there in the sky ..

Isn't it better to give the people of the United states the freedom to believe what ever they want even if that is the freedom of NOT believing ?

People who believe in UFO's and Aliens are crazy ? How about the people who believe in GOD(s) ?

I always have wondered why people who claim they have seen a UFO are quickly put in the realm of delusions by religious people but when it comes to their own world of unproven faith based mysticism they are completely convinced of the existence of their god, deveil and demons

Objectively spoken UFOs exist , it just means that something flying over has not been identified as something known to air traffic and science.
Ufo that was seen over belgium
This object flew over Belgium, was seen on radar, followed on the ground by the police and F16 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept it, they arrived too late . This is very well documented by the Belgian authorities and because it is still not identified or explained this is a documented UFO (unknown what it is)
This does not necessarily mean that they are flown by little green men from outer space, we just don't know it YET
There are stories about People who were abducted by aliens, the so called close encounters of the third kind and all these people are called delusional, crazy, mentally ill and what ever one can make up to discredit them .

The Drake equation (google it) is a mathematical equation used to estimate the number of detectable extra terrestrial civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy .
The Drake equation states that:
N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible
* = the average rate of star formation per year in our galaxy
p = the fraction of those stars that have planets
e = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
= the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop life at some point
i = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life
c = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
= the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space

Using this equation the probability of thousands of planets within our theoretical reach having intelligent life capable of space travel shown.
Multiplying by the estimated number of galaxies in the universe, this number comes to billions of planets with intelligent life capable of space travel..
The probability of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe is so high that it is close to absolute certainty.
And still the majority of people will call you crazy

Religious people want you to believe that the earth is the only one with intelligent life, because God made it this way..
Unlike the evidence already provided for the UFO phenomenon and the propbability
the Monty Python version of God
calculations that back up the possibility of extra terrestrial life on other worlds, there never has been ANY evidence that comes close to even the probability of the existence of ANY god or supernatural being creating all this ..
Most people who say that someone who believes in UFOs / Extraterrestrials / aliens abductions are crazy and their claim is ridiculous , believe openly in a phenomenon that even more "ridiculous" a supernatural being they call GOD.
There has NEVER been ANY factual proof for the existence of GOD nor for the existence of the supernatural.
I am not saying that religious people are crazy, but, when using the outcome of the drake equation of the possibility of extraterrestrial life against the possibility of the existence(of any) supernatural god is billions to one ...
But in the case of the arguments I show this subject who are the crazy ones ?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unite or NOT to unite , that is the question..

It is called the United States of America right ?
Well as a Dutchman observing the things going on in the USA I can only say I have never seen a more divided country as the USA, how ever that is not entirely right, the gun crazies are united, the fundamental Christians are united, the republicans are united
yeah they are idiots , but they watch each-others backs as hawks
I also post things on an American website called Sodahead and the following is the corrected version of a post I made there a few years ago:

On Sodahead I have been acused of being hateful many times .. and one time I got this picture:
nbspon sodahead acused hateful times picture

I answered the sender (who will stay anonymous): "I don't want anything what you have and I don't want to be what you are"

I am from Europe, I am not against the USA people.
I don't hate people, this is not from where I live , That is the conservative  American domain and  don't kill me for saying this: You Conservative Americans practically invented it !

What I do hate is the stupidity in people , and that seems also to be the same Conservative American domain.. 
But now I come to the whole of the American people
Many  are so self absorbed and so busy hating and criticising eathother , that you totally loose perception of the reality in the world around you.
Americans fear almost anything , people of other races , the islam, illegal aliens, atheists, your neigbours, your own shadowsand this translates in to hating what you fear...


You fear eachother and buy loads of guns to protect you from other people with loads of guns, and that is within your own nation..
You are your own enemies !

news media arenbspall profitnbspand broadcast people hear commissioned party paysIf you don't like the news of one station, you switch to another that tells the things as you want to hear it..
news media arenbspall profitnbspand broadcast people hear commissioned party paysBut the news stations of both sides are lying..
The American news media are all about making profit and broadcast what people want to hear, commissioned by the party that pays the media arenbspall profitnbspand broadcast people hear commissioned party pays

you can find these pictures anywhere on the Internet and not to forget the picture BELOW that describes it much better that I can write here and their existence must point at some truth ..

party pays pictures internet forget describes write nbspand existence truth

No where on earth there is a country that is so divided as the USA , like you live in a constant verbal civil war..

Have you ever heard of the saying "devide and rule ?"

In politics and sociology, divide and rule (also known as divide and conquer) is a combination of political, military and economic strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.

In other words: aslong you are fighting amongst your selves you will be easy to manipulate...
From here on , try to think for your self what is behind this ..

And it is not Obama who implements this strategy
Every one with half a brain can see that this has been going on over 50years and under all of the other presidents from this period it is all about money and real power I think you know what I mean !!

THIS is the truth what is happening in your country...

and again I ask :
Did this hate blind you so much that you just don't see it anymore ?

Stop this hate and learn about eachother instead of this constant fight , don't believe everything what the news media lie to you, try to find news services that are not "owned" by the people in power and learn the truth and start to make your beautiful country a good place to be again ...

Well if you want to read all the comments click here (that is if you can handle this much stupidity )  
But it doesn't end here Conservatives seem to be glued to FoxNews or as I prefer to call it FoxCrap to see the news as they want to hear it , well this is how I think about this "news" station Fox Crap:

and you still trust fox news
They cannot add up numbers :
they can t add up
59% + 35% + 26% = 120% ????

graph fail
70% + 60% + 63% = 193%

fox geography fail
Egypt between SYRIA and IRAN ???
Let's check this on a real map:
real map
They think IRAQ is EGYPT !

But this is the most monumental stupidity of all:
bieber is a girl
FOX CRAP thinks that Justin (boy's name) is A GIRL ????

This asks for a NEW Fox logo which I made with Pleasure:
fox fail

Propaganda machines like fox crap take excellent care of the corporate wishes to keep the American people divided ..

May I give the Liberal and Progressive Americans  some good advise ?

Or you will loose the battle against lies and propaganda that is bought an paid for by your conservative opponents

They ARE united you know....