The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The rant of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Friday, November 23, 2012

My guardian angel..

Weird title eh ? atleast for an atheist..
Religious people talk about their guardian angel like a divine power that saves them from harm..

The reason why I write this is because of this video someone sent me

When I was in my teens I was the same as that bullied kid, I was a sensitive poetic kid , made music wrote love songs , that was me in that time

But to bullies I was an atheist,  fat and slow and that is everything they need to make me their target, and it went on way after my school time , but no one ever laid a hand on me, it stayed with verbal abuse ..
I sometimes wondered why they never physically attacked me  , never ambushed me to beat the shit out of me ..

Once I did get attacked and beat up by a wannabe outlaw motorcycle gang.., which ended for me in a 6 day coma a broken skull and all the nasty effects of this , but I recovered .. and what was the reason ?  I called one of them a coward for hitting his girlfriend.. Yeah not very smart after all, and Someone told me that as soon as I walked around they would repeat the favor...
But this NEVER happened , even more, the stayed out of my way like I had the plague, Well I did not mind I can tell you..
After 40 years I discovered why, except for this incident with the bikers, no one ever laid a hand on me..

It was because of my guardian angel ... his name was Pieter De Vries , six-foot-four built like Hulk Hogan and atleast equally strong..
I knew him from childhood and he protected me a few times that remember but was always a distant friend as I thought that time..
I had not seen him for almost 20 years when I discovered he lives really close to me on the other side of the highway and it was a great reunion .
We had long talks about the past and then I realized that it was he, who always looked out for me , and it was he who "told" (let's leave it at that) these bikers to stay way from me ..
Instead of a distant friend he was always close by ..
He might not be supernatural not have wings, but he always was my guardian angel..

Was ?  There is no need for that anymore, now he is one of my best friends...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The leap of development of human intelligence..

Incase you are reading this on blogger my blog is a part of my personal website

I am also posting topics on the American opinion website in a topic named do you believe in god I have a remacable discussion with a man who goes by the nick tnmusicman

(if you are interested to read this, click  here to view the topic and my discussion tnmusicman.)
This man  tells me that I am forcing to defend himself, and of course he is right, that is what a discusssion is about , defending each other's opinions right ?
My answer is this: 
They have only their own indoctrinated delusions to defend
It angers me that people can believe in anything without (even carefully) asking for proof
That is the dumbest thing in existence ..
The greatest achievement of nature, intelligent sentient life is reduced to the following of an indoctrinated religious instinct.
Individuality and all curiosity is discouraged even demonized to protect this mass induced delusion..

See what science has done in 50 years, see what incredible leap forward the development of human intelligence has taken in regions not dictated by theocracy..
Without religion this could have happened a thousand , maybe even thousands of years ago, we could be colonizing our galaxy by now
But as usual religion the instinct that hold on to this belief in a god tries to keep progress down and people obedient to a non existing higher power

Look at the Islamic countries they are in the middle ages using modern technology no development of their own only using the things they need to enforce the mass delusion: propaganda and weapons.
Discussing things online can enlighten you in a way that the choice of your words gives you new insights in how things fit together .
What is the difference between humans and the other beings on earth ?
Humans are fully self aware and are not born with the natural instincts the other beings are born with..
To put it simply instinct is a set of instructions any animal is born with,  these "tell" an animal how to live, how to hunt, what it can eat and what not and most of all how to procreate..
Ofcourse Humans are also born with a set of natural instructions, but they are nothing compared to the ability to learn and to become self aware "I think therefore I AM" ..
This ability of applying logic and reason is the greatest achievement of nature and puts humanity a quantum leap ahead of anything else alive on our planet..
But what do we see that happened , in the primitive curiosity to explain sometimes frightening phenomenons like Lightning mankind invented a super being who must have done/ is doing that all, and this has grown to a new form of self induced instinct, everything has an explanation so there is no more need for curiosity and reason..
Religion has replaced instinct and stagnated the development of humanity for thousands of years..
The past 300 years this has changed gradually but the past 50 years there was an explosion of new knowledge and explanations , and see what happens ?
Religion especially in the USA does anything in it's power to stop this progression in it's tracks..
I just feel that is is the right thing to do , to inform people , to educate people about this ...
Think for yourself, be curious, LEARN , don't just believe everything you are told !


Saturday, October 20, 2012

The old lady with the bible

I am a third maybe fourth generation atheist, never been indoctrinated in to believing in god spirits ghosts devil ..
It was just never the subject.
I must have been like 5 years old when we were playing in the street and did what kids do. make a lot of noise in the process
Suddenly the door of the house across the street opened and an old woman stood there waving this black book at us and screaming we all would burn in hell and that god would punish us for our sins ..
To be honest we thought she must be a witch shouting  magic spells at us coming from this book at us and she scared the living daylights out of us, but mainly me ..
I could not sleep and was scared to go outside and finally my dad asked me what what scared me so much and I started to cry and told him what happened..
It was one of the few times I saw my father angry, first I thought it was because of me, but he was mad at the old lady of who I now know was a member of the "black stocking" church, the most fanatic christian denomination we ever had in the Netherlands.(now almost gone)
He went to her house and spoke his mind to her and from that moment on she never shouted at us again.
And when he got home he and my mom explained to me what religion was but that it was only in other people's minds and I did not have to be afraid of them ...
Ok, that was something I could understand but it still took weeks before I have enough courage to pass her house again..
That was my first experience with religion ...

My father never told me what he had said to her, but when I asked my mom a few years after his passing if she knew what is was , she looked at me with a grin and said , " he told her he would go to the police if she did not stop" 
And you know, even in that time , late 50's in the Netherlands the police would have taken care of it, all the people were the same in the eye of the law, religious and non religious made no difference ..
Our new post war constitution took care of that and still is a guarantee of separation between church and state, no religious party, no church leader ever challenged that because they understand the  importance of this article in our constitution..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The great flood debunked by math

An other fairytale is the story of  Noah's ark 

There is absolutely NO evidence of a global flood but even without archaeological proof is can be debunked by doing the math.

Just let us make a crude calculation:(in the metric system)

The total surface of a sphere is 4πR²
We know the circumference of the earth is 40,000  Km
The radius of the earth = 40,000 : π : 2 = ±6366 Km
That makes the surface 4 x π x 6366 x 6366 = ±509.000.000 Km²
To keep it simple the highest point of the earth, Mount Everest, is 8000m = 8Km
We know the earth has 1400000000 Km³ of water and has been constant for the pas billion years..
To flood the earth you need 8 x 509.000.000 Km³ = Km³ of EXTRA water on top of the 14 billion Km³ water the earth already had..
Suppose heavy rains give 100cm a day in rain fall so 8000 meters of rain would take 8000 days and nights of rain and that is 21.9 years..
Again it is a crude calculation, I can be off 10% but it is still a ridiculous amount of water..
And think of this: So much extra clear water added to the sea would have killed 99% of the ocean life ..

OK this raises a few new questions :

#1 where did all this water come from ??
#2 Where did it go to after the flood ?

Answer, it is impossible, the great flood is a myth...

Debunking the exodus by doing the math

As now and then I stumble over persons who really believe the exodus story , like what happened in the movie the ten commandments really took place ..

The whole story around moses fairytale stuff  when you do the math you can see how ridiculous

(1) the parting of the red sea
The supposed freed slaves including life stock numbered like 2 million people and animals , this is a line of 800 mile long
To lead this crowd through a parted red sea would have cost 35 days and nights ..
Suppose the red sea parted for 3 miles wide and people would walk in rows of 5000 would still take a full day but that still without the live stock..
(2) Two million people wondered around for 40 years in an area of 23.000 square miles
and left no trace at all ?
(3) To feed these two million people live stock would be needed
# 1500 tons of food per day, that is 2 trains of each a mile long
# To cook this food they would need 4000 tons of wood that is 4 trains a mile long.
# They would need 11 millions gallon of water that is a tanker train of 11 miles long.
(4) They would need a camping spot of the size of the state of Rhode island

The fairytale went that god helped them with "mana from heaven", if this really would have happened, this raining down in the quantities needed for all these people and live stock would be like a bombardment and killing all of these people on impact..
And I ask you again : all of this left absolutely no trace in the Sinai peninsula ??? at all ????